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Lengo aka Thor
Lengo aka Thor - 19 minutter siden
Horse ?? squid?
Nargis Khan
Nargis Khan - Time siden
He should of been the wither or the ender Dragon that would be epic 😎😎😎😎
Joshua cash
Joshua cash - 6 timer siden
Jelly the best
julian bonnecroy
julian bonnecroy - 13 timer siden
Sins when does a chicken say kwak. Last time I checkte it was pok😝😂
Max Agonis
Max Agonis - Dag siden
Rose LoveRoblox
Rose LoveRoblox - 2 dager siden
Jelly killed me Of his goodness
Khryz Lucas
Khryz Lucas - 3 dager siden
hE nEDs sOmE mElK
coconut_head 246
coconut_head 246 - 3 dager siden
That's not milk jelly thats something else😬😲
Elisha Alexandre
Elisha Alexandre - 3 dager siden
You could eat the animals in the whole of a funny if you can do that in real life
sayyed mohisn
sayyed mohisn - 3 dager siden
Jelle van full name
GILBERTO ROO - 4 dager siden
Eat the ender dragon 🐉 😋
among us
among us - 4 dager siden
Be a Enderman
Creepergun - 5 dager siden
M’y favorite its creeper get it cause i love creeper :D
Jennifer Ritt
Jennifer Ritt - 5 dager siden
My favorite animal was the enderman
Jennifer Ritt
Jennifer Ritt - 5 dager siden
I have no mods for minecraft:(
ANIME - 5 dager siden
Ramiro Murillo
Ramiro Murillo - 5 dager siden
No fish
Emily Kernot
Emily Kernot - 6 dager siden
Ended dragon
Angelica Grace Paradero
Angelica Grace Paradero - 6 dager siden
and wither
Angelica Grace Paradero
Angelica Grace Paradero - 6 dager siden
enderdragon next ok
Anne Yzabelle Fuggan
Anne Yzabelle Fuggan - 6 dager siden
caylus stool your car
Anne Yzabelle Fuggan
Anne Yzabelle Fuggan - 6 dager siden
hi jelly
Jaeden Aiana Alarde
Jaeden Aiana Alarde - 6 dager siden
For me is slime
Jaeden Aiana Alarde
Jaeden Aiana Alarde - 6 dager siden
Eunice Gidaya
Eunice Gidaya - 7 dager siden
Try the dragon the ender dragon
rejen fernandez
rejen fernandez - 7 dager siden
Happy new year bye bye 2020 Welcome 2021
Jakop Brandt
Jakop Brandt - 7 dager siden
eat the ader gragon
Gentian Kadriu
Gentian Kadriu - 7 dager siden
You are what you eat
Fortnite Player
Fortnite Player - 9 dager siden
Kim Larzky Malacad
Kim Larzky Malacad - 9 dager siden
Its a jello milk hahahahahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lee :3
Lee :3 - 9 dager siden
This is uncomfortable 🤢
Harmony Pierre
Harmony Pierre - 9 dager siden
Jelly what are you like off camera
Logan Gonzalez
Logan Gonzalez - 10 dager siden
Lee Gilbert
Lee Gilbert - 10 dager siden
Its ender dragon
Alex Corvera
Alex Corvera - 10 dager siden
me:haha at jelly he is a cow!
kanduri murali krishna
kanduri murali krishna - 11 dager siden
I want to become a dragon
ravindra liyanage
ravindra liyanage - 11 dager siden
jelly wassup im 13 yrs old can u do some impossible races in gta 5 please ; )
ImFlyingSolo_ - 11 dager siden
omg I am a fan.
Sabahatul Bari
Sabahatul Bari - 11 dager siden
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha slogo
Ines Castor
Ines Castor - 12 dager siden
Priscilla Cavallotti
Priscilla Cavallotti - 13 dager siden
You forgot to eat a horse
Miah Handley
Miah Handley - 13 dager siden
Wait if they were milking each other and they are boys and male cows don't produce milk then what was in the bucket?
the blazing squid
the blazing squid - 13 dager siden
Eat the enderdragon
Tarun Suvarna
Tarun Suvarna - 14 dager siden
Slime da best
Zack Is king
Zack Is king - 14 dager siden
Jellies a freak
Alivia Roberts
Alivia Roberts - 14 dager siden
I like slime the best
Ceso's Lego Tutorials
Ceso's Lego Tutorials - 15 dager siden
rina Arellano
rina Arellano - 16 dager siden
Basty Mendoza
Basty Mendoza - 16 dager siden
I want your mod or uhhh my favorite is endergragon
Cancer Pogi
Cancer Pogi - 17 dager siden
Me ender dragon
Family Whiskey
Family Whiskey - 17 dager siden
why the f do people even like jelly
Tim Lane
Tim Lane - 17 dager siden
I'm lactose intolerant duh you know that jelly
ninjaboi Robinson
ninjaboi Robinson - 17 dager siden
Josh: Why are pigs so deadly
Me: Because they eat explosive carrots
KEROD MCFERRIN - 17 dager siden
James Abella
James Abella - 18 dager siden
i love jelly
Miha Godis
Miha Godis - 18 dager siden
Hamza Abdelmagid
Hamza Abdelmagid - 18 dager siden
Can you eat a dragon
Random Stuff
Random Stuff - 18 dager siden
well uhh eat humans i guess?
Willie Higgins
Willie Higgins - 19 dager siden
My favorite was the slime
Zayden Daffern
Zayden Daffern - 19 dager siden
Love you so much bro
Zayden Daffern
Zayden Daffern - 19 dager siden
samuel warf
samuel warf - 19 dager siden
I like the enderman best
Youssef Mohammed
Youssef Mohammed - 19 dager siden
And all
Youssef Mohammed
Youssef Mohammed - 19 dager siden
Rudy Quale
Rudy Quale - 19 dager siden
Slime because jelly is like a slime
Lisa Bailey
Lisa Bailey - 19 dager siden
If you can eat enything can you eat the ender dragon???
Dakota Brooks
Dakota Brooks - 19 dager siden
Davntae Major
Davntae Major - 19 dager siden
Ciara Cullen
Ciara Cullen - 19 dager siden
you not eat caws
Landuleni Targeni
Landuleni Targeni - 19 dager siden
Please give me a Nintendo switch please brah please merry Christmas and new year
Summer Philip Diaz
Summer Philip Diaz - 19 dager siden
I HAVE A REAALYY DIRTYY MIND LIKE REALLY when jelly said ooh i just milked josh. Comment if u gety it OMG😂😂😂😂😂😆
Prashant Ghadge
Prashant Ghadge - 20 dager siden
I loved the enderman
romel leonardo
romel leonardo - 20 dager siden
I love endermans so much!
TMM _GodOfWeebs
TMM _GodOfWeebs - 20 dager siden
Eat Slogo and crainer in Minecraft
ღ {The_Half_Water_Fire_FallenFighters} ღ
This is a good metaphor of “You are what you eat”
Dennis Tonga
Dennis Tonga - 21 dag siden
what about the zombie
Nojus Juskevicius
Nojus Juskevicius - 21 dag siden
Can i Sherer you 3:40
Braiden Sommerfeld
Braiden Sommerfeld - 21 dag siden
The slime was the best animal but for the memes I have to go with the cow because you could milk josh
Lorenzo Paci Gaming
Lorenzo Paci Gaming - 21 dag siden
lesser maldita
lesser maldita - 21 dag siden
Didier Boujard
Didier Boujard - 22 dager siden
and zombie
余尚哲10801006 - 22 dager siden
slime is my fsveret mob
Mike R
Mike R - 22 dager siden
Hey there are some things that
Mike R
Mike R - 22 dager siden
Mark Anthony Passion
Mark Anthony Passion - 22 dager siden
Try to eat a tender dragon lol
Samuel McLeod
Samuel McLeod - 22 dager siden
Correct me if I’m wrong but on the cover jelly looks disgusting when he’s a cow
Thomas Turco
Thomas Turco - 22 dager siden
Alapaki Cruz
Alapaki Cruz - 22 dager siden
Courtney Clause
Courtney Clause - 22 dager siden
My favourite animals are you jelly
I'm not kidding I love you jelly I'm your fan of your videosm mak more jelly
Christopher EnriquezAvila
Christopher EnriquezAvila - 22 dager siden
you guys should eat the ender dragon
driven fast
driven fast - 22 dager siden
Ok thats weird, oh milk me, I will milk you.
Renzelle Picana
Renzelle Picana - 22 dager siden
Jely can u heart this comment iam your solid suporter
Ismenia Espinosa
Ismenia Espinosa - 23 dager siden
Hey jelly I want to tell you something
mandmweston - 23 dager siden
i love how jelly missed the raders base
Regginae Ashley
Regginae Ashley - 23 dager siden
Ended man
Gamer kid Why
Gamer kid Why - 23 dager siden
Are u sure that’s milk
Makenzie Long
Makenzie Long - 23 dager siden
When Jelly said " I haven't been milked in a while" 😂😂😂😱😱😱😳😳😳lol im dieing. # Dirty Mind gang
Josh Moore
Josh Moore - 21 dag siden
We dirty ahhh
Mike R
Mike R - 22 dager siden
VisitCareys - 23 dager siden
Why did the kid bring a ladder to school
Cheryl Dawkins
Cheryl Dawkins - 23 dager siden
why didn’t he turn into a squid