This LUCKY BLOCK Turned Me INTO IRONMAN! (Minecraft)

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8hd gamer Gamer500
8hd gamer Gamer500 - 7 timer siden
Super hero
8hd gamer Gamer500
8hd gamer Gamer500 - 7 timer siden
What's your favorite supper man I think yours is hulk because he's green I love green and subscribe to jelly and use his code in fortnite
maria lourdes barbosa
maria lourdes barbosa - 20 timer siden
Mike Little
Mike Little - Dag siden
Speedrunner v hunters with iron man
Marilyn Sanchez
Marilyn Sanchez - 3 dager siden
Team Turad
Team Turad - 3 dager siden
thanos want his gaunlet back he angry
Marlon Dizon
Marlon Dizon - 4 dager siden
Why jelly also unlucky😳
Mark Frahm (Student)
Mark Frahm (Student) - 6 dager siden
Judith Flores
Judith Flores - 6 dager siden
13:34 Hey doggy sit!
*blows up* lol!
Jonathan Poell
Jonathan Poell - 7 dager siden
Hey jelly you know where you do a run and have to open lucky blocks can you do that with the iron man lucky blocks
sky gamer
sky gamer - 7 dager siden
Jelly I wish u a merry Christmas
A Random Chicken
A Random Chicken - 7 dager siden
Jelly: I think he is on a death loop

Giorno Giovanni: Ko no GIORNO DA!
Murali Murugaiyan
Murali Murugaiyan - 7 dager siden
jelly i am a spy
Mason Davis
Mason Davis - 7 dager siden
Why did Crainer do that the dog was so cute I love that dog
Trādi Rīdi
Trādi Rīdi - 9 dager siden
Trādi Rīdi
Trādi Rīdi - 9 dager siden
Monique Autar
Monique Autar - 9 dager siden
Thos two are mean☠
DemonModder_YT - 9 dager siden
Love u jelly!
Ewan Bothma
Ewan Bothma - 10 dager siden
You do know iron man is dead right
Nomax Mitta
Nomax Mitta - 10 dager siden
Wow iron man helmet
Sammy Alsam
Sammy Alsam - 11 dager siden
Spider-Man is better
Chris Newton
Chris Newton - 11 dager siden
Jayden BROWN
Jayden BROWN - 12 dager siden
Iron man does not have she passes
Noah Ryan
Noah Ryan - 12 dager siden
وهج السبيعي
وهج السبيعي - 13 dager siden
OK cute Jelly😭😭😭😭
Benjamin Redford
Benjamin Redford - 13 dager siden
He doesn’t have laser eyes
kckelloggs - 13 dager siden
Lego Luca
Lego Luca - 14 dager siden
Jij bent Nederlands
Adoredby Mar’
Adoredby Mar’ - 14 dager siden
And friends me on mincrath so we can play as iron man
Adoredby Mar’
Adoredby Mar’ - 14 dager siden
I’m And. Big fan
energy glitch 303
energy glitch 303 - 15 dager siden
it would look better in green
Brody Wilson
Brody Wilson - 15 dager siden
It was jells I'm so sorry jelly
Brody Wilson
Brody Wilson - 15 dager siden
It was Kelly's turn not crainer
Egg man Time
Egg man Time - 16 dager siden
Alissa Silvius
Alissa Silvius - 16 dager siden
marlenis love makup
marlenis love makup - 16 dager siden
Really coolJelly
Ryan Remolano
Ryan Remolano - 16 dager siden
Hi i'm a fan
Francine White
Francine White - 17 dager siden
Iron man doesn't shoot lazers dummy I doubt you even watch the marvel movies
Pastel Wolfie
Pastel Wolfie - 17 dager siden
Slogo is sach jerk
Lizzy Rowland
Lizzy Rowland - 18 dager siden
“ Is snapping time baby!!!!!! “
Shaao Khanda
Shaao Khanda - 18 dager siden
Be ben 10 in minecraft
Jennifer Hallock
Jennifer Hallock - 18 dager siden
20 iron man dosn`t have laser eyes
Carmen Olivera
Carmen Olivera - 19 dager siden
But jelly had 2 turns and CRAINER opens it
Vuk stevanović
Vuk stevanović - 19 dager siden
Jelly: look a iwronan lucky block
Maria giel Savarre
Maria giel Savarre - 19 dager siden
Wow giant ironman
Nathan Tan Jitt Rui
Nathan Tan Jitt Rui - 19 dager siden
There's a iron man game in roblox it's called iron man SIM 2
YieldingTv - 19 dager siden
I don’t like sogo
Lex Labie
Lex Labie - 20 dager siden
Begin iron man doesn’t have lazar ayes
Crystelle Klein
Crystelle Klein - 20 dager siden
Matallica Friday
Matallica Friday - 22 dager siden
I know that jelly is not a proper iron man fan because he said lazer eyes but iron man doesn’t have lazer eyes
Santiago Cruz Hernandez
Santiago Cruz Hernandez - 22 dager siden
in the video at 11:53 he say take this papa lol
Jaden Aizen
Jaden Aizen - 22 dager siden
16:32 look at the top left. Is he still alive?
Swift killer116
Swift killer116 - 22 dager siden
Iron man doesn’t have laser eyes u DUM
Arjun Naresh
Arjun Naresh - 22 dager siden
I have a lot to say about this video.
Kevin Kwok
Kevin Kwok - 23 dager siden
I don't like slogoman
Scott Butler
Scott Butler - 23 dager siden
It represents slogo and crainer
Scott Butler
Scott Butler - 23 dager siden
The lucky bloxs do
King Craft
King Craft - 23 dager siden
i saw the dog
Owen Is Cool
Owen Is Cool - 24 dager siden
I’d bet iron man’s dog doesn’t own stark industries but instead bark industries.
Dumb Ass
Dumb Ass - 24 dager siden
World all news :jelly say iron 1time her whole 6life
Debbie Anderson
Debbie Anderson - 24 dager siden
Yes 👏
joanna nicholls
joanna nicholls - 25 dager siden
Finally say iron right huh
Aiden Cousino
Aiden Cousino - 25 dager siden
A quin jet crashed
Renata - 25 dager siden
I love jellllllllyy
Rajesh Sugadwe
Rajesh Sugadwe - 25 dager siden
He said i ron man
Louise Russ
Louise Russ - 25 dager siden
I wish iron man lucky blocks are in minecraft
Gabriel Gustavo
Gabriel Gustavo - 26 dager siden
wow I like your video
Tim - 26 dager siden
Jelly I got ur MERCHANDISE
Yaneth Teo
Yaneth Teo - 26 dager siden
Putra Bima
Putra Bima - 26 dager siden
Nice jelly sweet revenge
Video idea: mincraft speedrunner vs hunters but with IRON MAN LUCKY BLOCKS
Jamalcotuh Elcheikh
Jamalcotuh Elcheikh - 25 dager siden
good idea
Harry Reid
Harry Reid - 27 dager siden
Is it just me or did jelly say doggy sh*t
Kim Buck
Kim Buck - 27 dager siden
laser eyes:hmmmm hmhmhmhmhmhmm
Shad Alex
Shad Alex - 27 dager siden
I am... Iron Man
Baguna B
Baguna B - 27 dager siden
Firewolf Gaming 3312
Firewolf Gaming 3312 - 29 dager siden
I love it😍😍
Itz toasty
Itz toasty - 29 dager siden
Kayson McFarlane
Kayson McFarlane - 29 dager siden
Crainer = yellow Slogoman = red jelly = combine that’s a traffic light lol
Harley Sakyi
Harley Sakyi - 29 dager siden
13:34 it lookd like the dog was mad so it blew up lol
lil Gamer ghost
lil Gamer ghost - 29 dager siden
Anyone else see that he said Lazar eyes but iron man doseint shoot Lazers out his eyes that's super man XD
dami akeredolu
dami akeredolu - 28 dager siden
Yor right
Massoumeh saberi
Massoumeh saberi - Måned siden
Did Jelly say to crainer caner man ive seen him do problems so many times did I didn't comment.
Riley Yates
Riley Yates - Måned siden
Idiet he doesent have laser eyes
Debbie-Lynn Hamm
Debbie-Lynn Hamm - Måned siden
Cleaner Local man Cute players
PhsycoFNM - Måned siden
Iyan man 😂😂😂
Davy Brewster
Davy Brewster - Måned siden
scott price
scott price - Måned siden
Iron man does not have laser eyes
Zakk Walden
Zakk Walden - Måned siden
now I love you
calyx gaming
calyx gaming - Måned siden
Sorry idk how to spell my friends i am a wrong grammar so idk how to spell
calyx gaming
calyx gaming - Måned siden
Finaly you play minecraft thats my favorite game minecraft thanks for makr this vid i love ypu
Jeffrey Rethford
Jeffrey Rethford - Måned siden
Hi nerds stooped
Angel Ayers
Angel Ayers - Måned siden
poor jelly he got nothing
Nur Amaliyah Mardianti
Nur Amaliyah Mardianti - Måned siden
Anna Assetta
Anna Assetta - Måned siden
Jelly u and josh are pro at every game u play crainer noob at every game u play
shilene jacques
shilene jacques - Måned siden
Do Spider man jelly
Clayton MacDonald
Clayton MacDonald - Måned siden
Hi jelly I just wanted to wish u a merry Christmas 👍
Dravioun Craig
Dravioun Craig - Måned siden
When he tried to say sit he said the s word🤣
sandra corona
sandra corona - Måned siden
Ryam Safaa
Ryam Safaa - Måned siden
Eugenia Demetriou
Eugenia Demetriou - Måned siden
Does iron man have lazer eyes?
Ethan Smigelski
Ethan Smigelski - Måned siden
jelly slogo stol the water and lava in sky block
Ethan Smigelski
Ethan Smigelski - Måned siden
it is far out of the chest for the mob thing
Dragana Ladjevac-Brkic
Dragana Ladjevac-Brkic - Måned siden