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ANDRE COOPER - 4 timer siden
I have a crush on jelly
Kyree Murphy
Kyree Murphy - 6 timer siden
Poe Meh
Poe Meh - 7 timer siden
Satabdi Ray
Satabdi Ray - 10 timer siden
I know colour
Medi King
Medi King - 12 timer siden
CHAN PEI YIN Moe - 17 timer siden
Sonia saxena
Sonia saxena - 21 time siden
I am from india
187 Redfire
187 Redfire - 23 timer siden
Do hide and seek with this mod
Lunar_cookies Cookies
Lunar_cookies Cookies - Dag siden
Like you don’t like one second to see the ghost that’s all you get
Lunar_cookies Cookies
Lunar_cookies Cookies - Dag siden
Of Cyan you can also see blood
Nathan Kessler
Nathan Kessler - Dag siden
i love among ussssssss
Nathan Kessler
Nathan Kessler - Dag siden
i like you beter then slogo
Adam - Dag siden
Jelly laughed so hard
XxAryaveer ChaudharyxX
XxAryaveer ChaudharyxX - 16 timer siden
Adam - Dag siden
Deedee Saeed
Deedee Saeed - Dag siden
I love you jelly
Valley Landscaping
Valley Landscaping - Dag siden
The thick gray karunagappally remember because carriage numerically miss above a massive hexagon. squealing, cheerful sarah
Travis Hardy
Travis Hardy - Dag siden
I agree
Justin Burns
Justin Burns - Dag siden
Stelly next time go eater storage
Mason Shook
Mason Shook - 2 dager siden
Hey I thought YouTube was did the spy
Joseph Hamma
Joseph Hamma - 2 dager siden
High b try c
C firemen #"$%$&"$&$%%&'%&%%&&&&&&&this
TheWHITE Dragon
TheWHITE Dragon - 2 dager siden
1:19 I thought he said I'm investable
TheWHITE Dragon
TheWHITE Dragon - 2 dager siden
n after inve
TheWHITE Dragon
TheWHITE Dragon - 2 dager siden
n after investing
TheWHITE Dragon
TheWHITE Dragon - 2 dager siden
n im dumb
TheWHITE Dragon
TheWHITE Dragon - 2 dager siden
sorry i meant a v after inve
Test Test
Test Test - 2 dager siden
Jelly in the intro i can see you a little while your invisble
Alpesh Maharaj
Alpesh Maharaj - 2 dager siden
He does play among us
Kingston Crellin
Kingston Crellin - 2 dager siden
I didn't know you can turn invisible
Jennifer Silva
Jennifer Silva - 2 dager siden
Jelly I’m your fav YouTuber
Dave Hoare
Dave Hoare - 3 dager siden
Jelly in one of your videos I saw you when I was playing among us
Tallulah Rossiter
Tallulah Rossiter - 3 dager siden
He always says he in navigation like he got caught by josh
Daniela Perez Cardenas
Daniela Perez Cardenas - 3 dager siden
I want to much I want your mulch
RILEY THOMAS - 3 dager siden
hi jelly
Faith Mhlongo
Faith Mhlongo - 4 dager siden
Sarah Al-Dallal
Sarah Al-Dallal - 5 dager siden
Oh yeah 😁
Samuel Eat
Samuel Eat - 5 dager siden
I loved the famous "hello there" from obi wan Kenobi
Mosey Lee
Mosey Lee - 5 dager siden
Jelly I saw you among us
Alma Hagelin
Alma Hagelin - 5 dager siden
I love When slogo youst was on cams and jelly killed in front of him😄😁😃🥳
Thomas Ek
Thomas Ek - 5 dager siden
unkøwn psyčho gamer
unkøwn psyčho gamer - 5 dager siden
I like how jelly always says "im in navigation"😂😂😂
then people sus of him
the boy that loves drawing
the boy that loves drawing - 5 dager siden
ahmet Akgul
ahmet Akgul - 5 dager siden
Serge Paul
Serge Paul - 5 dager siden
i love jellys vids its among us & minecraft
Pooja Singh
Pooja Singh - 6 dager siden
Nice game jelly I love your videos
Isael Gutierrez Moran
Isael Gutierrez Moran - 6 dager siden
I used code jelly and its the best creator code and it gave me good luck for 50 billion years
GT23 - 6 dager siden
GT23 - 6 dager siden
Jacky Jose Rodelas
Jacky Jose Rodelas - 6 dager siden
How stand
Amanda Persaud
Amanda Persaud - 6 dager siden
I love YouTube
Cathy Ates
Cathy Ates - 7 dager siden
I. Agree
The Eddy Coop
The Eddy Coop - 7 dager siden
How to you mAKE THE GAMEMODE INVISIBLE???????????
Carolina Cuatecontzi
Carolina Cuatecontzi - 7 dager siden
hi jelly
Serigne Sylla
Serigne Sylla - 7 dager siden
13:42 tahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sigfús Benediktsson
Sigfús Benediktsson - 7 dager siden
Jelly Why
Avaleigh Glaser
Avaleigh Glaser - 7 dager siden
Do one when your invisible the entire time
Sophia Perdomo
Sophia Perdomo - 7 dager siden
Make a Among Us share videos
TikTok jakedixon123
TikTok jakedixon123 - 7 dager siden
slogo is the best
SoccerBoy 200
SoccerBoy 200 - 7 dager siden
Jelly: AHHHHHH!... Did people see that? Me: Um Of course they saw it LOL 😼
faZe Iconic
faZe Iconic - 7 dager siden
They are the colors of a street light lol
Irene P. Barrameda
Irene P. Barrameda - 7 dager siden
Drago Sanchez
Drago Sanchez - 7 dager siden
The cams were on
That is funny
Big Mak
Big Mak - 7 dager siden
Plz accept my request on Discord im ur biggest fan plz and answer me back man plz 🥺
Jane Pagaduan
Jane Pagaduan - 8 dager siden
Jelly I am English
Specz Clan
Specz Clan - 8 dager siden
This is so 2020
Lee Van Dyk
Lee Van Dyk - 8 dager siden
ish . . . bxrsts
ish . . . bxrsts - 8 dager siden
jelly if you literrly know this if the camera is red someone is watching in secuirity
yenns83 - 8 dager siden
How to do that
Evan Concannon
Evan Concannon - 9 dager siden
if jelly killed crainer everyone would blame slogo
Janalyn Webster
Janalyn Webster - 8 dager siden
Yah very true cause they always stick together
Kienora Cooper
Kienora Cooper - 9 dager siden
Jelly imposter lucky jelly
wmazlan wmahmud
wmazlan wmahmud - 9 dager siden
hey jelly i am cyan
Luis Santiago
Luis Santiago - 9 dager siden
Jelly sream funny lol
Brayden Peacock
Brayden Peacock - 9 dager siden
I have your Murch and dice
Carla Lopez
Carla Lopez - 10 dager siden
Name your self red and josh is is and crainer is sus red is sus pk
Brooke Cluff
Brooke Cluff - 10 dager siden
Is about girls
Colin Main
Colin Main - 10 dager siden
This video is great
Clarence Nielsen
Clarence Nielsen - 10 dager siden
I saw you move at the end
Jelly is Funny
Jelly is Funny - 10 dager siden
Jelly is you paying fo Ryan i see RED do you no how is Ryan he is a you Tuber
ram mawia
ram mawia - 10 dager siden
Jelly if you want to be a hacker tden I would swon you how to be a hacker
ram mawia
ram mawia - 10 dager siden
Down during the week to make a decision
Bartosz Bartmanowicz
Bartosz Bartmanowicz - 11 dager siden
whach crafty fox
Bartosz Bartmanowicz
Bartosz Bartmanowicz - 11 dager siden
minecreft train
terpcakes - 11 dager siden
I’m a big fan of your video
Alicia Batt
Alicia Batt - 11 dager siden
Anahyely Hernandez
Anahyely Hernandez - 11 dager siden
Kelly Shallbetter
Kelly Shallbetter - 12 dager siden
Max Rosenfield
Max Rosenfield - 12 dager siden
Jelly Sligo copyed the vid
Harry Clark
Harry Clark - 12 dager siden
Thia Elvestad
Thia Elvestad - 12 dager siden
I think he said of standard there while she killed someone and then he should have killed the person I went to report it so he could win🦖👁👄👁
Emmanuel Chumo
Emmanuel Chumo - 10 dager siden
Megan Ward
Megan Ward - 13 dager siden
Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson - 13 dager siden
U should make it so u change colors and go invisible
Rachael Taylor-Marsh
Rachael Taylor-Marsh - 13 dager siden
Just TIK tak
Just TIK tak - 13 dager siden
Brianna Coggeshall
Brianna Coggeshall - 13 dager siden
Who Loves This Vid Put Thumbs Up👍🏼
Kanwal Haq
Kanwal Haq - 13 dager siden
hopefully jelly wins soon
Asiyah Imomalieva
Asiyah Imomalieva - 13 dager siden
Is you're real name is jelly
Jehan Palahuddin
Jehan Palahuddin - 13 dager siden
i like the mod
invincible impostor
Shish Ka Boom
Shish Ka Boom - 13 dager siden
Jelly is invisible so no one can see him come out the vent
Cynthia Drake
Cynthia Drake - 13 dager siden
Please put in mods jelly if you're creator
Mrs Flores
Mrs Flores - 14 dager siden
Mustapha Balongun
Mustapha Balongun - 14 dager siden
the way jelly laughs is just way too funny
Jojo Zamora
Jojo Zamora - 14 dager siden
what about the imposter was invisable and the crewmates will not see the imposter so it will be easy to win
MightyPlayZ - 14 dager siden
1:44 Look at his face hahahahahahahahaha
Danny Bartlett
Danny Bartlett - 15 dager siden
You suk slogo is the best
Jared Mejia
Jared Mejia - 15 dager siden
Tno Voe
Cherry Yao
Cherry Yao - 15 dager siden
Hi Jell I love you do you love me Jelly