RUN From THE GRINCH In AMONG US! (Santa vs. Grinch)

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George Grant
George Grant - 7 timer siden
Odette Booysen
Odette Booysen - 21 time siden
Jelly is la noob
Cait Donnelly
Cait Donnelly - Dag siden
Jelly I watch you and sanna and all your friends every day
Lindsey Roberie
Lindsey Roberie - 4 dager siden
I'm jelly's biggest fan
Lukács Berkin
Lukács Berkin - 6 dager siden
u r scary jelly
MNL - 6 dager siden
jelly says tf at 11:37
Reveen Alpatty
Reveen Alpatty - 7 dager siden
HI im a big fan
HoodiePlex - 8 dager siden
As the grinch my baby brother loves the grinch
Jonathan Roblero
Jonathan Roblero - 9 dager siden
Hi Jelly
Teo Lama
Teo Lama - 9 dager siden
could i
Andrew Tombing
Andrew Tombing - 13 dager siden
Which server my is pocket edition I know how to do multiplayer
Big Mak
Big Mak - 13 dager siden
Plz accept my request on Discord im ur biggest fan plz and answer me back man 🥺🥺
Claire Rickards
Claire Rickards - 13 dager siden
Is jelly your real name
Yousef Bacarat
Yousef Bacarat - 14 dager siden
Jelly pls suscribe jelly jelllllllllyyy
Mini Sreekumar
Mini Sreekumar - 14 dager siden
I dont like videos where there is no josh and crainer🙂
Bassel Awwad
Bassel Awwad - 15 dager siden
Jelly was the imposter
Ertur Gamig
Ertur Gamig - 16 dager siden
Why did you say that I you did it and you might’ve got the trust and then they wouldn’t expect you and then they will just fold out random people OK so you just had to do that that was so easy
Stephen Bishop
Stephen Bishop - 17 dager siden
I love Jelly he is funny
Stephen Bishop
Stephen Bishop - 17 dager siden
I'm guessing you are good at being the Grinch
William Rodrigues
William Rodrigues - 20 dager siden
Doha Alshaar
Doha Alshaar - 20 dager siden
this is what i call a 1000 000 IQ move
Kristin Jensen
Kristin Jensen - 21 dag siden
Jelly u should propose to sanna:)
Nayana Bhattacharya
Nayana Bhattacharya - 22 dager siden
I am baibhab
Riffat Haquani
Riffat Haquani - 23 dager siden
Makes sense that jelly is the grinch because he is green like the grinch
Peter Giantsis
Peter Giantsis - 23 dager siden
Jelly I Love among us so much do you
Peter Giantsis
Peter Giantsis - 23 dager siden
Jelly I love your among us videos so much
Julia Friedman
Julia Friedman - 24 dager siden
Julia Friedman
Julia Friedman - 24 dager siden
Soumendra Dey
Soumendra Dey - 24 dager siden
Where were slogo and Crainer?
Kshitij Kumar
Kshitij Kumar - 25 dager siden
I was sonic
SHADOW NINJA - 25 dager siden
Jelly:slash with my knife because im the grinch muhahahaha
Wajeeha Mohsin
Wajeeha Mohsin - 25 dager siden
Sponspo spo spoiDer Mon
rachie157 - 26 dager siden
Jellly suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus
Nivesh Beni
Nivesh Beni - 26 dager siden
Jelly you are my favorite youtuber ever slgo and crainer are also the best but not better then you jelly I like when you are the imposter
Indra Ortiz
Indra Ortiz - 26 dager siden
Indra Ortiz
Indra Ortiz - 26 dager siden
In Th Fortnite and I use your creator code
Indra Ortiz
Indra Ortiz - 26 dager siden
Jelly I have the jelly skin
Felicity Villa
Felicity Villa - 26 dager siden
Jelly is so smart to be impostor
Ashley Tong
Ashley Tong - 27 dager siden
Jelly: Green
Grinch: Green
Me: Yep he’s the grinch alright
Keaton Lawrence
Keaton Lawrence - 27 dager siden
Jelly is literly the grinch now because he’s green
RTPlayz - 27 dager siden
i’ll be there for jelly when he proposes 😂❤️🥰
madalina bache
madalina bache - 27 dager siden
Satvik UM
Satvik UM - 27 dager siden
i like Jelly being the imposter and like his trolling when he is a imposter
xxxthatonekidxxx - 28 dager siden
its dino
Hidayati Abdul Razak
Hidayati Abdul Razak - 28 dager siden
why jelly laugh like joker
Ethan Tan
Ethan Tan - 28 dager siden
Jelly play Roblox and search Sky block and play it
Ethan Tan
Ethan Tan - 28 dager siden
Sorry I meant islands
Chloe White
Chloe White - 28 dager siden
Luv ur vids
Callie Demarsh
Callie Demarsh - 28 dager siden
I got a hamstre
JaHmAi GaMiNg
JaHmAi GaMiNg - 28 dager siden
Jelly is honestly the worst imposter
Zelda Cloete
Zelda Cloete - 28 dager siden
Wow you you was almost wasted
Inside Hmxa's world
Inside Hmxa's world - 29 dager siden
Your not the evil santa your the Grinch
Arnel Rosete
Arnel Rosete - 29 dager siden
when jelly is all ways the imposter he all ways lose
Goku Rodrigo
Goku Rodrigo - 29 dager siden
you and sanna broke up 0.0
Stephen Cossette
Stephen Cossette - 29 dager siden
Kimmi James
Kimmi James - 29 dager siden
Jelly:*turns green and gets a wierd head*
Me:yep hes the grinch alright
Maryann and Isabelle likes gacha life Lol
And I’m 9
Maryann and Isabelle likes gacha life Lol
Am you done this video on my granny’s year dead 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪
Suleyman Halani
Suleyman Halani - 29 dager siden
Hi jelly I really like all your videos 😃
Mohamed Alwathig
Mohamed Alwathig - Måned siden
Catherine Gonda
Catherine Gonda - Måned siden
Buy My Among Us Plush!! BUY IT NOW!
Youtubers Sing 2.0
Youtubers Sing 2.0 - Måned siden
Sometimes all the crew mates get her scan
Korn Puffkitty
Korn Puffkitty - Måned siden
You'll do this
Danis Skrijelj
Danis Skrijelj - Måned siden
Jelly this is so goud 🤣🤣🤣
Little Nicole YouTube
Little Nicole YouTube - Måned siden
I love when you are the impostor
Violet Demedeiros
Violet Demedeiros - Måned siden
Merry Christmas!
Jessica Hollifield
Jessica Hollifield - Måned siden
Sand is a bich breck up
parkour - Måned siden
I know a 2000 IQ trick
Shirley Cruz
Shirley Cruz - Måned siden
im a big fannnnnnnnn of jelly
Liana Joan Pareja
Liana Joan Pareja - Måned siden
JELLY i am also rich but I am a kid banana maka me inpostor
Will Just
Will Just - Måned siden
I love to eat 🧊.it true
Real Disrespextful
Real Disrespextful - Måned siden
Jelly when are you going to play sonic
Bianca Chagoyan
Bianca Chagoyan - Måned siden
Martina Ruelos
Martina Ruelos - Måned siden
Merry Christmas Jely and happy new year 🥳
T Jack
T Jack - Måned siden
Adventures with Ace, Let’s game
olufemi Siwoku
olufemi Siwoku - Måned siden
almost christmas
Jan Solanoy
Jan Solanoy - Måned siden
20M yay congratulations jelly yayyyy👍👍👍👍👍
I thought jelly sed Santa not sanna
ツSha_ - Måned siden
Jelly. Use admin to find people easily
Melisa Angcog
Melisa Angcog - Måned siden
i love jelly xoxox
Wai chuen Chong
Wai chuen Chong - Måned siden
Morne Rademeyer
Morne Rademeyer - Måned siden
Who else thought that he was playing with josh/slogoman and crainer
Mary Potempa
Mary Potempa - Måned siden
At about 2:10 she said: Sanna and I have been together for over 6 years.
Me: Wait you've been with SANTA?!
Jonathan Berlingieri
Jonathan Berlingieri - Måned siden
Jelly was a good actor in this video
Sujata Pandey Shukla
Sujata Pandey Shukla - Måned siden
Mary Fiso
Mary Fiso - Måned siden
Camila Luthy
Camila Luthy - Måned siden
um jelly
Siobhan Hayes
Siobhan Hayes - Måned siden
hi guys i love you
Jace Hughes
Jace Hughes - Måned siden
I love you your my favrit yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
Jude Peterson
Jude Peterson - Måned siden
Merry K
Merry K - Måned siden
jelly you look so much like so grinch at the beginning :]
Jimenez April
Jimenez April - Måned siden
Syed Shah
Syed Shah - Måned siden
Harrie Sahagun
Harrie Sahagun - Måned siden
I like jelly and he cool so awsome she kind and merry Christmas jelly
Stuart Hibbitt
Stuart Hibbitt - Måned siden
Johnson Wahab
Johnson Wahab - Måned siden
Dino is dum
Kris Manraj
Kris Manraj - Måned siden
Jelly did kind of look like the grinch at the end of the video
Anna Macarthur
Anna Macarthur - Måned siden
Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
Daniel McBlain
Daniel McBlain - Måned siden
the odds are 1/10