Playing FORTNITE With MAGIC! (Spellbreak)

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Runtime: 10:20


Baham Zhanup
Baham Zhanup - 4 dager siden
*Jelly* play this map 252684054603 thank you
Jaklin Farnandos
Jaklin Farnandos - 4 dager siden
*Jelly* play this map 252684054603 thank you
srinivasa tummala
srinivasa tummala - 5 dager siden
Do a challenge where you can only use combo gauntlets
WALKERS - 5 dager siden
*Jelly* dude you must try this map 252684054603.
Jaklin Farnandos
Jaklin Farnandos - 6 dager siden
*Jelly* keep this map secret 0898-0357-4654 .
WALKERS - 6 dager siden
*Jelly* omg try this map its crazy 0898-0357-4654 .
More TigerTales
More TigerTales - 7 dager siden
Jaklin Farnandos
Jaklin Farnandos - 8 dager siden
*Jelly* make video of this map 2526-8405-4603 (:
Zack Gaming
Zack Gaming - 8 dager siden
I love how the description shows fortnite instead of spell break
WALKERS - 8 dager siden
*Jelly* secret map 2526-8405-4603 (:
Karla Romero
Karla Romero - 10 dager siden
Isabel Rodriguez
Isabel Rodriguez - 11 dager siden
Is there a story mod
MRMEOLA Is the best
MRMEOLA Is the best - 13 dager siden
Love it how jelly just wastes his mana and just spammes his gauntlets
DIANKE NDOW - 13 dager siden
Can you download it on iPads
Lari Thangkhiew
Lari Thangkhiew - 13 dager siden
I wish i could play with jelly
Bethanyyy Babes
Bethanyyy Babes - 13 dager siden
*Jelly* play this map its full of modded items 0530~1485~4359
Mellow Brax1
Mellow Brax1 - 13 dager siden
*Jelly* wow dude play this map 0530~1485~4359
Breenseaturtle Gaming
Breenseaturtle Gaming - 14 dager siden
Who else has subbed to Jelly since he was playing gta 5
also im legit subbing to eveyone who subs to me.
REDKNIGHT - 15 dager siden
It's fun
ItsGaBren - 15 dager siden
More gameplay of fortnite pls
The best channel
The best channel - 16 dager siden
I just downloaded this game
Robart Bruse
Robart Bruse - 16 dager siden
*Jelly* make video of this map 9456-2211-6706
Fos Wat
Fos Wat - 16 dager siden
*Jelly* omg this map has the Zapotron 9456-2211-6706
Nhlakanipho Dlamini
Nhlakanipho Dlamini - 16 dager siden
When are you gonna play fortnite come on
Rahaaf.m - 17 dager siden
Jelly :I'm gonna keep my rare frost one
Me:you have a epic frost Gauntlet
Ashraf Moideen
Ashraf Moideen - 17 dager siden
Play more
spell break
Ashraf Moideen
Ashraf Moideen - 17 dager siden
Spell break
manish kumar Dubey
manish kumar Dubey - 18 dager siden
this is such a nice game . i would like to see more videos on this game .and also some new games too
SheJassHer - 18 dager siden
Me to
And I know that
And I'm a kid
I got the ps5 bro
So you can go faster
And also you can skate on it
You can shoot the arrow in the air in you can make a ice
Get the Ice
Jelly you noob
Jean-Handy Colin
Jean-Handy Colin - 20 dager siden
Use code Jelly I use it In the item shop
Liam Callan
Liam Callan - 20 dager siden
omg that's what fortnite looks like it changed so much 😭
Adam Karine
Adam Karine - 17 dager siden
Them were not playing Fortnite them were playing spellbook
I used support a creator code jelly in the fortnite item store
Freda Grobler
Freda Grobler - 20 dager siden
Can you play more fortnite
edjaun Muir
edjaun Muir - 20 dager siden
Can you give the game to me
edjaun Muir
edjaun Muir - 20 dager siden
Hey edjaun the game is there
edjaun Muir
edjaun Muir - 20 dager siden
He Edjaun I see you want spellbreak now ckeck for the game dome jelly
joyous pradhan shrestha
joyous pradhan shrestha - 20 dager siden
That dream of magic genre WeEbS had
HEX - 21 dag siden
Next part
BRIAN NAIRBE - 21 dag siden
2:30 jelly: I'm getting smarter
Jelly:*also runs past a rare amulet and a common belt*
Mason Edwards
Mason Edwards - 21 dag siden
If you use the tornado with wind you can use electricity to make a storm
Mateo Valencia carrillo
Mateo Valencia carrillo - 21 dag siden
Is it on PS4
Evan Ross
Evan Ross - 21 dag siden
i play this game just need to tell you guys that it is a game preview
Arhaan !!!
Arhaan !!! - 21 dag siden
Is this available on moble
Isurboy AJ
Isurboy AJ - 22 dager siden
play spellbreak again
Sudershan Kumari
Sudershan Kumari - 22 dager siden
Jelly plz play Minecraft survivel with unseakble
Harish Karthik
Harish Karthik - 22 dager siden
Should we want to spend money to download Fortnite ???
Maryjane Vinas
Maryjane Vinas - 22 dager siden
Play more fortnit
Mr. Spaceking
Mr. Spaceking - 22 dager siden
Jelly I downloaded the game on my Xbox and I love it’s such a good game
MARTINEZ DELKER - 22 dager siden
• LiZ •
• LiZ • - 22 dager siden
But how I even get Epic games it always says password is wornd or username can you play in mobile and computer and laptop
Maya Miller
Maya Miller - 23 dager siden
Jelly dnf king
Tee Ray
Tee Ray - 23 dager siden
Vishal Ahuja
Vishal Ahuja - 23 dager siden
Why crainer didnt came
fasila najeeb
fasila najeeb - 24 dager siden
Can I Play in my iPhone
Zachary Bowler
Zachary Bowler - 24 dager siden
When I saw the title I thought it was actually fortnite. Jelly has not played fortnite in a long time
Blaze Gibson
Blaze Gibson - 24 dager siden
play more of this game please
ackeem Cephas
ackeem Cephas - 24 dager siden
is how jelly say hello hello he makes me lol omg like he my best fan
Jaxen Schrupp
Jaxen Schrupp - 24 dager siden
Hey this is not fortnite.
A Kariuki
A Kariuki - 24 dager siden
Play infinity ward
Caprisky Batsielilit
Caprisky Batsielilit - 24 dager siden
I played us too but I don’t because of the game is deyd
Daniel Knibbs
Daniel Knibbs - 24 dager siden
Jelly when are you going to make fortnite video
dark ace
dark ace - 25 dager siden
u should u toxic u know u can trow toxic grenades
Kevin Forteath
Kevin Forteath - 25 dager siden
Have that
Kevin Forteath
Kevin Forteath - 25 dager siden
I have wellness on my nintendo and I am playing it
sh8mrick - 25 dager siden
Fornite in the description y
thu htike
thu htike - 25 dager siden
thu htike
thu htike - 25 dager siden
I don't know the speling pls telll me
thu htike
thu htike - 25 dager siden
can I join ur dicort
kai ledgards
kai ledgards - 25 dager siden
Jelly you shood check your minecraft would slogo bert your home
Hipster317 - 25 dager siden
tip: dont use the male skins, use the female ones as they have more health.
i hope that helped you :)

also, here is proof: the male skins have 98 health, as for the female skins, have 100 health sooo yea.

like so everyone can see :)
The Imperial LEGO
The Imperial LEGO - 25 dager siden
my dad won his first time playing
Maria De la Luz Gomez
Maria De la Luz Gomez - 25 dager siden
Nice merch
Garikai Nyambuya
Garikai Nyambuya - 25 dager siden
Jelly pls go back to swearing
The Howler
The Howler - 25 dager siden
This is not Fortnite
Saumya Chaturvedi
Saumya Chaturvedi - 25 dager siden
Please do more spell break
King Manthan Gaming
King Manthan Gaming - 25 dager siden
Hey jelly make another one of this😃
Gamer Sumair
Gamer Sumair - 26 dager siden
Plzzz more spell break
RealSeal - 26 dager siden
this video wasn't fun as the others because crainer wasn't here
malcolm msindo
malcolm msindo - 26 dager siden
Can you do some more spell break l love spellbreak l play it like all time
DrSkelliboneGaming - 26 dager siden
Just play fortnite
David Hoyos
David Hoyos - 26 dager siden
The best combo is fire in ur primary and stone in ur secondary, so u do a fire wall and throw a stone boulder so your boulder turns to fire and that way it does more damage
Hipster317 - 25 dager siden
tip: dont use the male skins, use the female ones as they have more health. i hope that helped you :) also, here is proof: the male skins have 98 health, as for the female skins, have 100 health sooo yea. like so everyone can see :)
David Hoyos
David Hoyos - 26 dager siden
In my opinion the flight and featherfall runes are the best
Andrew Ashe
Andrew Ashe - 26 dager siden
Samuel_king - 26 dager siden
Play Fortnite
Brayden McCormick
Brayden McCormick - 26 dager siden
do you want to play spell break with me.
Rachel Page
Rachel Page - 26 dager siden
next time can you play with Crainer
Str4ng3Pl4yz - 26 dager siden
0:03 spellbreaker
Spaceweapon - 26 dager siden
Pls make another episode of this it’s such a nice game I downloaded It from you!
petri tiihonen
petri tiihonen - 26 dager siden
Rhetorical Rhett
Rhetorical Rhett - 26 dager siden
Tarik Ismail
Tarik Ismail - 26 dager siden
عبد الكريم اسكندر
YouTube go bye bye bye
SÚPÊR GÃMÏÑG - 26 dager siden
Please play more
Puppy King
Puppy King - 26 dager siden
Jelly can you plez make more content of this game Thx -PuppyKing