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Isaac Orellana
Isaac Orellana - 4 dager siden
Hey jelly jump scan one so scared I was like well down so scary place said to not get skin out how scared
Earth Maranda
Earth Maranda - 8 dager siden
In the jump scare trap I was not even shocked
Kadidia Diallo
Kadidia Diallo - 8 dager siden
i whach a vid about jelly slogo and koppekop
Sairusi Cavuilati
Sairusi Cavuilati - 11 dager siden
That was so cool!
Aurel Balan
Aurel Balan - 16 dager siden
I love you jellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Jacob Cyr
Jacob Cyr - 20 dager siden
srry dino but it da facts
Jacob Cyr
Jacob Cyr - 20 dager siden
dino doesnt enven have 1mill subs hahhhah nub
Brady Hersh
Brady Hersh - 20 dager siden
Jelly you are good but you should do videos with preston
Jacob Cyr
Jacob Cyr - 20 dager siden
Jacob Cyr
Jacob Cyr - 20 dager siden
Jacob Cyr
Jacob Cyr - 20 dager siden
Jacob Cyr
Jacob Cyr - 20 dager siden
Jacob Cyr
Jacob Cyr - 20 dager siden
Jacob Cyr
Jacob Cyr - 20 dager siden
thats what you get for rostin my boi
Jacob Cyr
Jacob Cyr - 20 dager siden
yo jelly you so tiny and yo Dino you dont even have 1 mill subs you nub hahahahahaha
Xian Marcrhei Rojales
Xian Marcrhei Rojales - 25 dager siden
Hello jelly at craner at slogoman ai xian to
Anne Bernardo
Anne Bernardo - 25 dager siden
the redstone chest you can do become a trap
Rania A
Rania A - 25 dager siden
SMART, they should put that it minecraft
Vijayalaxmi Pramod
Vijayalaxmi Pramod - 27 dager siden
Jelly I love you so much and your friends are friendly so I subscribed to Jelly,Slogo and Crainer
Vijayalaxmi Pramod
Vijayalaxmi Pramod - 27 dager siden
WTF the first trap was so scary and it sacred me
HotRod Gaming
HotRod Gaming - 27 dager siden
My favorite was the maze trap
Visa Khro
Visa Khro - 28 dager siden
Jelly if you have a composs then go south you will get so many diamonds!!!!!!!!!!
Linda Fortier
Linda Fortier - 28 dager siden
Wow it is a gump scar
rick sa
rick sa - 28 dager siden
The first trap did not scare me 😃
CHAN JIA ER Moe - 28 dager siden
jelly i love you screem
Jocelyn Salazar
Jocelyn Salazar - 29 dager siden
Slogo and crainer is dumb hahahahaha
Jocelyn Salazar
Jocelyn Salazar - 29 dager siden
That chest is trappet chest
Cassandra M
Cassandra M - 29 dager siden
Ooooooo Jelly I have an AWESOME idea for for a scary video
So there is this horror map on Minecraft It’s called demon brain It’s an awesome map but can you play it ALONE and maybe at 3:00 Am It would be so cool to see you play it and Preston has played it and he got really scared so just think about it
Lanky_Box Boxy And Foxy
Lanky_Box Boxy And Foxy - 29 dager siden
1.15 Pocket Edition Texture
Donna Wakefield
Donna Wakefield - 29 dager siden
Jelly I use code jelly in the fortnite item shop and your the best YouTuber ever
Dongyi Suobiron Han
Dongyi Suobiron Han - Måned siden
Akshat Gupta
Akshat Gupta - Måned siden
Fun fact: Fun facts are taking over the comments
Jaime Maritt
Jaime Maritt - Måned siden
Yes jelly is the perfect YouTuber and the only YouTuber I think we might need to get rid of his friends
Derek Sampson
Derek Sampson - Måned siden
This isn't about a sanctuary seu Jorge jelly
Rodolfo Aguilar
Rodolfo Aguilar - Måned siden
Rebecca McHenry
Rebecca McHenry - Måned siden
Who’s the best one
Rebecca McHenry
Rebecca McHenry - Måned siden
Royal Prince squad
Royal Prince squad - Måned siden
They're all trashed at unspeakable use
lot971 no936
lot971 no936 - Måned siden
among usssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
TONEY CAMPBELL - Måned siden
I love your vids your awsome
Kristian Mitchell
Kristian Mitchell - Måned siden
Jelly I got a jelly shirt
H20 _Vibes
H20 _Vibes - Måned siden
Me at the jumpscare 😐
Innovations and Skills
Innovations and Skills - Måned siden
Fact - you can breed a villager with bread
GTA 5 - Måned siden
That was not scary
Mozzes Lim
Mozzes Lim - Måned siden
No no no nooooooo
Theresa Throne
Theresa Throne - Måned siden
I r so awesome!!!!!!!!!
Itz CG1
Itz CG1 - Måned siden
Caprice Watson
Caprice Watson - Måned siden
Can I join our would jelly
Alexander Baldonado
Alexander Baldonado - Måned siden
you no how slogoman flys in gmod it becus hes in noclip
tsion admassie
tsion admassie - Måned siden
Lakshmi Naveen
Lakshmi Naveen - Måned siden
jelly jelly
김재관 - Måned siden
Jelly at intro: so dont be scared
Carl Eldridge Ricafort
Carl Eldridge Ricafort - Måned siden
Benedith Pedrano
Benedith Pedrano - Måned siden
Benedith Pedrano
Benedith Pedrano - Måned siden
Benedith Pedrano
Benedith Pedrano - Måned siden
Princess Contessa Mendoza
Princess Contessa Mendoza - Måned siden
I love jelly video
Adriee&Matt De Dios
Adriee&Matt De Dios - Måned siden
bench bernardino
bench bernardino - Måned siden
jelly bruh
Ivonne Arriaga
Ivonne Arriaga - Måned siden
Jelly your for head is normal
WizardSPRAYS Hardcore
WizardSPRAYS Hardcore - Måned siden
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - Måned siden
Jelly is the fastest
Eesa Ameri
Eesa Ameri - Måned siden
Walter Gusto
Walter Gusto - Måned siden
ha Crainer said it looks like josh
I love this channel, Jelle Van Vucht. Kepp It Up Jelly.
Jay Ivan Llarenas
Jay Ivan Llarenas - Måned siden
I want more mods car
Nahla Chawa
Nahla Chawa - Måned siden
OMG what
Stuart Ludlow
Stuart Ludlow - Måned siden
How is the first one scary?
Napo Moeti
Napo Moeti - Måned siden
There is a new heist in GTA5
Frank Torres
Frank Torres - Måned siden
Why Crainer and Josh are so rude?¿?¿?¿?
FoxPlays GamingHD
FoxPlays GamingHD - Måned siden
Its not a jump scare if ur not scared
jacob jr
jacob jr - Måned siden
Precious Mphaka
Precious Mphaka - Måned siden
Can you talk to your goal guy I mean turkey Tokyo ghoul got done eating my fish because I’m also a goal and I eat your little tiny trade to
Ali Saif
Ali Saif - Måned siden
More sky block plz
Ali Saif
Ali Saif - Måned siden
More sky block plz
meiyah oats
meiyah oats - Måned siden
hi jelly and what’s wor real name
Jelly I'm ur fanss
Scott James
Scott James - Måned siden
Jelly crainer help you with your house on your minecraft word it looks good in a new coat of paint
NameLess - Måned siden
dont watch my video!!
Simona Nectarie
Simona Nectarie - Måned siden
Phumlile Nkambule
Phumlile Nkambule - Måned siden
Riley Inkel
Riley Inkel - Måned siden
Crainer change our house
Smita Choudhary
Smita Choudhary - Måned siden
I liked the video as I tapped it to see
molly mchugh
molly mchugh - Måned siden
jelly look at your hous in minecraft
Red bull gaming
Red bull gaming - Måned siden
Dear jelly,crainer told to say that he had chaged your house and made your house even beautiful in turtle town
JinkyJadeLeo Siman
JinkyJadeLeo Siman - Måned siden
I heared corona has Leash an zombie apacolypse
Selene Charlery
Selene Charlery - Måned siden
Marvin Cestina
Marvin Cestina - Måned siden
Faye L
Faye L - Måned siden
u so cool
King Kong
King Kong - Måned siden
Jelly pls play genshin impact with slogoman and crainer
Thejus Benjamin John
Thejus Benjamin John - Måned siden
Logo stole your diamonds in Turtle town and he hide it in his kingdom
Thejus Benjamin John
Thejus Benjamin John - Måned siden
I mean Slogo
Paras Ahuja
Paras Ahuja - Måned siden
TNT Trap
Crainer : do not use it here jelly
Jelly : do not use it here ;(
Crainer : you used it here
senyra claire pulumbarit
senyra claire pulumbarit - Måned siden
Tristian Hope
Tristian Hope - Måned siden
Hi jelly I’m a big fan and I love your vids you my fav YouTube and yeah cheap up the good content
Padmanathan G
Padmanathan G - Måned siden
Jelly I want more super heroes mod and jelly is the best
sun sun
sun sun - Måned siden
Me: *not scared by the jumpscare*
Everyone watching: *not scared by the jumpscare*
Tyson Butz
Tyson Butz - Måned siden
I Love your videos
Hamby Estate
Hamby Estate - Måned siden
Did jelly get a really scared trape
Adrienne LaFlam
Adrienne LaFlam - Måned siden
Hi Jelly! My kids request that you make a Christmas/Holiday Mod. My kids love your channel. You are very entertaining. :)
jbsuperboi - Måned siden
I love you jelly can u please give me a shou out in your vids my youtube that's soon to come is jbsuperboi
Jai Sanluis
Jai Sanluis - Måned siden
Jelly, Slogoman has Crainers dimonds in his pond!
Veronica Pacheco
Veronica Pacheco - Måned siden
Euiw Wowosls
Janie Blair
Janie Blair - Måned siden
Raymond Prasad
Raymond Prasad - Måned siden
poor villagers they are so nice
Shaurya Chabrotra
Shaurya Chabrotra - Måned siden
So yeah
Shaurya Chabrotra
Shaurya Chabrotra - Måned siden
You open the chest