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Paula Ariana Alibutud
Paula Ariana Alibutud - 18 minutter siden
Crainer - Born on: December 12, 1994❤️
Crainer actually just mentioned that in real life, he is the OLDEST in the group😂
Reggie Espitia
Reggie Espitia - 2 dager siden
Jason willison
Jason willison - 5 dager siden
hina salman
hina salman - 6 dager siden
Arjen Wong
Arjen Wong - 6 dager siden
*insert epic comment here*
gaming with Aadam!!
gaming with Aadam!! - 7 dager siden
U can ride chest's then u can call chest's pigs😅😅😅😅
jelly junior
jelly junior - 7 dager siden
Jelly I am like you're number one fan
Go look at my video mining rare ore's
In the end I died
Cry cry
Thank you bye
Josephine Wanjala
Josephine Wanjala - 8 dager siden
Me to i love minecraft
Sabrina Mostafa
Sabrina Mostafa - 8 dager siden
Ice Bear
Ice Bear - 8 dager siden
Esmeralda is an ML character. Hehe
Pro gamer
Pro gamer - 9 dager siden
1:47 slogoman said what the hell
Aayden C
Aayden C - 9 dager siden
Jorune Kazlauskaite
Jorune Kazlauskaite - 10 dager siden
On your shop you should put jelly so you can buy jelly
Bianca Lorena
Bianca Lorena - 10 dager siden
can you play roblox and play musical chairs pls pls pls i am level 10
Axeljade Dagohoy
Axeljade Dagohoy - 10 dager siden
I love minecraft
Sharvin Sharvin
Sharvin Sharvin - 11 dager siden
Amit Sadak
Amit Sadak - 12 dager siden
Pls pls play a live stream
BG PLAYZ Gaming - 12 dager siden
Iam pretty sure Esmeralda is a character in Mobile Legends and she is Witch there to :)
Alex Moshi
Alex Moshi - 12 dager siden
Caroline McEaneney
Caroline McEaneney - 13 dager siden
Do the livesteam today
Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas - 13 dager siden
I love roblox
shadow knight gaming
shadow knight gaming - 13 dager siden
josh sucs
divya singh
divya singh - 13 dager siden
I meen love
divya singh
divya singh - 13 dager siden
I kive jelly
Alex nunezYo
Alex nunezYo - 14 dager siden
You should put TNT under solgo house
ebonyblount87 - 14 dager siden
5:14 that face
K t
K t - 14 dager siden
Leg chest man
DarNisha Miller
DarNisha Miller - 14 dager siden
1:45 didn’t expect that word
Koda Lewis
Koda Lewis - 14 dager siden
Uuhhm did slogo just say wtf 😳
celeste Rose
celeste Rose - 14 dager siden
I laugh so much when jelly said why am I the only one which keeps dieing 😂😂😂😂
Oscar Point
Oscar Point - 14 dager siden
Oscar Point
Oscar Point - 14 dager siden
Who is esmrelda
Pooja Aggarwal
Pooja Aggarwal - 14 dager siden
10:30 he use swearing word
ッImSkyzzu - 14 dager siden
Send me a save Jelly, I'm Brazilian 🥺❤️
Clarence Leander Teodoro
Clarence Leander Teodoro - 15 dager siden
I played minecraft
Cool dude Joey
Cool dude Joey - 15 dager siden
Crainer: It walks on water , Jesus chest
Me: wtf
Mark Hans
Mark Hans - 15 dager siden
Jelly. Crainer. Putted. Dirt. In. Your. Present
Asma Khan
Asma Khan - 15 dager siden
Jelly plz play turtle Town aka crainer changed it to crainer city
Keyaire Evans
Keyaire Evans - 15 dager siden
I don't have the Minecraft you play
Rancy Manlulu
Rancy Manlulu - 15 dager siden
I love you Minecraft
Ammanuel Toma
Ammanuel Toma - 15 dager siden
I wish I can play Minecraft but it's cost money :(
DaReal Zizzy UwU
DaReal Zizzy UwU - 15 dager siden
Jufer Clarianes
Jufer Clarianes - 15 dager siden
No no no no no
Nono no no no
No no no no no
No no no no no
No nono no no no
Jufer Clarianes
Jufer Clarianes - 15 dager siden
Just doing it
Sumaiya Sharmin
Sumaiya Sharmin - 15 dager siden
I like it
Aadam Shiraz Year 7
Aadam Shiraz Year 7 - 15 dager siden
Yeah revive josh's channel so that it will not be dead
Duka Devi Sharma
Duka Devi Sharma - 15 dager siden
Happy new year jelly
Wollfie_playss yt
Wollfie_playss yt - 15 dager siden
Is it just me or does jelly sound like preston playz sometimes 😂
Bits of Both
Bits of Both - 15 dager siden
Good video
ÎSHÂŃ ĢÂMÎŅG - 15 dager siden
There was a time jelly made minecraft a series and then after some time he started playing fortnite too much and then he again started minecraft a year ago from today
Imanuel.st3 Imanuel.s3
Imanuel.st3 Imanuel.s3 - 15 dager siden
Jelly Ken You gototell geht bei Girls Pants an mir live and Show You Self the people in Thaya love you
Hipster317 - 15 dager siden
Micheal Guiaplos
Micheal Guiaplos - 15 dager siden
Jelly sweard!!
Aurelius Teofilus
Aurelius Teofilus - 15 dager siden
Akshay V
Akshay V - 15 dager siden
Play the video on 0.25x speed when jelly places the walking chest😂😂😂😂😂😂
MediaTheMagicVideoMaker820 HD / TNASE
I love minecraft too
Noureen Erfan
Noureen Erfan - 15 dager siden
this is e p i c
Noureen Erfan
Noureen Erfan - 15 dager siden
tell me if this is e p i c
Janeth Capuyan
Janeth Capuyan - 15 dager siden
i love jelly minrecraft
harry macky
harry macky - 15 dager siden
Is-Ko Gaming
Is-Ko Gaming - 15 dager siden
10:30 what did Jelly just say?
mohammad husnie alinor
mohammad husnie alinor - 15 dager siden
hello jelly plese server worldwarship jelly tiking you friend slogoman craner join kwokklop best frend what you lke join damond ore gold vs aronmr good look
Leo Pointer
Leo Pointer - 15 dager siden
Steve think I'm a creeper Steve think I'm a spider
Leo Pointer
Leo Pointer - 15 dager siden
Minecraft Minecraft all I want to do is play it all night
Sean Malin
Sean Malin - 15 dager siden
10:34 did Jelly say the f word?
Mary Costas
Mary Costas - 15 dager siden
Jelly join human fall for a flat with me Jackson
Joshy’s gaming civilization
Did you notice that the chest at the beginning of the video is a red stone chest
Kyle Vincent Pilarta
Kyle Vincent Pilarta - 15 dager siden
crainer:wow it walks on water Jesus chests ahhaha
Hunter Ronayne
Hunter Ronayne - 15 dager siden
In a infinite vid he was looking of ayou dub clips and that was a vid that see Ian Sanna is died today
Brenda Bivens
Brenda Bivens - 14 dager siden
Friend game minecraft free movies
Nerdy Youtuber
Nerdy Youtuber - 15 dager siden
I love how crainer say: "Woah it walks on water Jesus Chest"
Clarissa Alexander
Clarissa Alexander - 15 dager siden
Crainer is the oldest🤨🤨🤨🤨
Liam Jacob Wahab
Liam Jacob Wahab - 15 dager siden
jelly theres a secret hack in minecraft mod
gishhsama - 15 dager siden
10:32 did he say what
Caroline McEaneney
Caroline McEaneney - 16 dager siden
Hey jelly, I want u to join me in piggy build mode on 1adzhs piggy build mode server!!! Also plz make a livesteam!
Abraham Alduenda
Abraham Alduenda - 16 dager siden
Please Make more vids like this
Alex king
Alex king - 16 dager siden
Silly jelly for deleting the questions on the book heheheh😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Archey Thompson
Archey Thompson - 16 dager siden
Billy on the biggest fan on fortnite going wins you want to add me when I'm in Archie _jj14
Jess Llacuna
Jess Llacuna - 16 dager siden
guys do u prefer jelly wearing t-shirt or wearing a hoodie?
Sonia Francis
Sonia Francis - 16 dager siden
I love jelly
Divine Joy Silva
Divine Joy Silva - 16 dager siden
Divine Joy Silva
Divine Joy Silva - 16 dager siden
I love Minecraft very much I wish I could play with jelly and crainer and slogo
Kaj Hector
Kaj Hector - 16 dager siden
Nice bro
Wyte Dollar Staccs
Wyte Dollar Staccs - 16 dager siden
Jelly has 20.5 million subscribers that's cool
Bob Crowe
Bob Crowe - 16 dager siden
F u jelly
DEADENDER - 16 dager siden
Sydney Watjen
Sydney Watjen - 16 dager siden
Sydney Watjen
Sydney Watjen - 16 dager siden
One time can you make a video with playing some Roblox in wizard tycoon two player please
chewy Cookie
chewy Cookie - 16 dager siden
When jelly is cute 0:54
Karen Stanley
Karen Stanley - 16 dager siden
Are in the notebook A-Z Stanley and Stanley is my middle name
Christine Barrett
Christine Barrett - 16 dager siden
I love your video
TREVOR MOPAR - 16 dager siden
I cant hear jelly bc crainer broke my speakers lol
filipeferreira - 16 dager siden
9:12 These are the moments i wish i had a step bro
ahmed murtaza
ahmed murtaza - 16 dager siden
Play trailmakers
GlowingGem - 16 dager siden
Me: hearing jelly cuss and then checking the comments if I it wasn’t my imagination
Blue Dofin
Blue Dofin - 16 dager siden
I love mincraft too
Amanda Coulter
Amanda Coulter - 16 dager siden
Can you do some more fortnite?
Orange Oreo
Orange Oreo - 16 dager siden
Craig Milton Powell
Craig Milton Powell - 16 dager siden
Craig Milton Powell
Craig Milton Powell - 16 dager siden
Bashkim Sutaj
Bashkim Sutaj - 16 dager siden
Romllo Carpeter
Romllo Carpeter - 16 dager siden
Jelly play subnautica
Joeseph Nunez
Joeseph Nunez - 16 dager siden
I like that sing