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chang ten fong
chang ten fong - 3 dager siden
Ok please cheast jelly dude :(
Ethan Villarreal
Ethan Villarreal - 19 dager siden
He saw used mirror bruh
cindy kelly
cindy kelly - 24 dager siden
Jlly hood :)
cindy kelly
cindy kelly - 24 dager siden
Vissy Jella
Vissy Jella - 25 dager siden
I loveeee your uno vidio ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Gita Rama
Gita Rama - Måned siden
i want more of this
Light Gray
Light Gray - Måned siden
Jelly clickbaits on uno, gmod,
super univers
super univers - Måned siden
This video is so old see the date of jellys tweet 7:43
Edilberto Arocena
Edilberto Arocena - Måned siden
Crainer just uploaded this uno video 9 month ago like slogoman
Edilberto Arocena
Edilberto Arocena - Måned siden
Omg slogo man uploaded this uno in a 9 month ago 😳😳😳😳😳😳
toxic cloak
toxic cloak - Måned siden
This was 9month ago and thats a fact
Irina Blokhina
Irina Blokhina - Måned siden
This is not crainers first win
Roycen Lee
Roycen Lee - Måned siden
Why did it say that it was made in March 21 2020???
Val Probert
Val Probert - Måned siden
Not nice of Crainer there. Like if u agree
YurXire Raitenvoid
YurXire Raitenvoid - Måned siden
Good video Jelly.
Demir Aksu
Demir Aksu - Måned siden
POV: u came here to see the mirror
ELSA Aamir
ELSA Aamir - Måned siden
Why you loseJelly
ELSA Aamir
ELSA Aamir - Måned siden
Why you lose🙀🙀🙀🙀
Sebastian Hegdahl
Sebastian Hegdahl - Måned siden
jad game viewer
jad game viewer - Måned siden
Why you didn’t you use the mirror
Samar Samarsunhith
Samar Samarsunhith - Måned siden
We miss ultimate chicken horse plzz play it again
Kingzly - Måned siden
Anthony Benologa
Anthony Benologa - Måned siden
I relly like your vidios
Hardik Anand
Hardik Anand - Måned siden
So where was the mirror?
Thomas the Siamy
Thomas the Siamy - Måned siden
0:47 Hello mine turtle.
Stuti Sharan
Stuti Sharan - Måned siden
Jelly- instant karma
Bentley Souder
Bentley Souder - Måned siden
Nicole Trisha Bella chua
Nicole Trisha Bella chua - Måned siden
Slogo: NOOo!
Sheila Wetherelt
Sheila Wetherelt - Måned siden
Jelly this is very funny
Glendy Juarez
Glendy Juarez - Måned siden
Change the uno intro
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith - Måned siden
In Minecraft
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith - Måned siden
Troll Josh or cleaner
Colin Hubick
Colin Hubick - Måned siden
Who won
Colin Hubick
Colin Hubick - Måned siden
Franck David Muchuba
Franck David Muchuba - Måned siden
Crainer won what
Abbas Mohammed
Abbas Mohammed - Måned siden
Has bin
Margaret McBride
Margaret McBride - Måned siden
Because this is the first time doing
Adrian Playz
Adrian Playz - Måned siden
Dude, this video was like a year old
Enzo Ravi Villanueva
Enzo Ravi Villanueva - Måned siden
7:46 the tweet date is wrong
Christy Jophy
Christy Jophy - Måned siden
It's probably a repost?!
Railfan 942
Railfan 942 - Måned siden
You should play more game of life
Terrence Malasador
Terrence Malasador - Måned siden
Wait a minute Jelly has not posted the tweet that crainer told him to tweet
Terrence Malasador
Terrence Malasador - Måned siden
Even josh
ShufflingKaos Person
ShufflingKaos Person - Måned siden
Why has this taken so long to come out?
It's from march? its christmas??
Liam Myers
Liam Myers - Måned siden
Denis Rubio
Denis Rubio - Måned siden
Herbert Gaming
Herbert Gaming - Måned siden
Is this real?
David cool Armstrong
David cool Armstrong - Måned siden
Hithartha Reddy Gangumalla
Dijar Bajrami
Dijar Bajrami - Måned siden
you didn't play for a while uno lol😋😋😋😋😋😋play more pls
Vergel Velayo
Vergel Velayo - Måned siden
pls bring back old vids jelly pls i dont want to watch ur vids knowing it is staged
b and c gaming
b and c gaming - Måned siden
Can we talk about the fact that this was uploaded about 6 months after crainer and slogo
Anirudh's vlog
Anirudh's vlog - Måned siden
And also the video he josh and crainer recorded about among was realeased one month ago in crainer a and joshes channel while he realeased it this week
Anirudh's vlog
Anirudh's vlog - Måned siden
You know he recorded this long time ago because of he doesn’t wear white at all now
Aman Playez
Aman Playez - Måned siden
Why does jelly like to post so old videos?
Nasim Pahadi
Nasim Pahadi - Måned siden
Ehsan Ejbani
Ehsan Ejbani - Måned siden
So its a video of March 2020
PC GĀMER - Måned siden
When u scroll the description it's saya this game is Minecraft what in hell ?
Knight core gaming
Knight core gaming - Måned siden
Georgiana Plesa
Georgiana Plesa - Måned siden
You're the best jelly
Dank DOGGO - Måned siden
Play among us with their respective languages which are
Jelly : Dutch
Crainer : Danish
Slogo : English
Its gonna be so funny
Rojen samuel Supnet
Rojen samuel Supnet - Måned siden
AHaryadi - Måned siden
You literally called the uno reverse card a uno twist card
Darshen Perumal
Darshen Perumal - Måned siden
i watched this video on slogos channel. Why did it take you months to post it JELLY???
Paddy The Irish Guy
Paddy The Irish Guy - Måned siden
So did they actually tweet these things out?
Samuel Moyers
Samuel Moyers - Måned siden
he did no use the mirror
Hehehe hehehe
Hehehe hehehe - Måned siden
The rarest thing in the world is jelly hearting your comment
Randy Malinao
Randy Malinao - Måned siden
Jelly is still wearing white shirt
Dream SMP vids
Dream SMP vids - Måned siden
Yay one is back:) :)
Clayton Johnson
Clayton Johnson - Måned siden
musician sg official
musician sg official - Måned siden
Hey good video
Asib Gamer6306
Asib Gamer6306 - Måned siden
yo guys look at 7:45 in the video it says the tweet was posted march 21 2020 thats like 9 months!
Sophie Saleh
Sophie Saleh - Måned siden
This an ollddddd vidddeo.jellyyyyy Why oh Why you Are Not wearing merch!😩😩😩
SHAFAYET AR MAA - Måned siden
Slogo is so s turd
Brian Harvey
Brian Harvey - Måned siden
This video came out on slogo's and crainer's channel nearly a year ago.
staring at a colour with no music
This is an old video of jelly there is 2 reasons why
#1 Different Headphone
#2 Look at the game and see slogos profile there you can see that it is and old profile pic of slogo
[-Katsuki Izumi-]
[-Katsuki Izumi-] - Måned siden
When Jelly slow mo the time that Crainer pick the 2+ card it was FUNNY
Josiah Gaitan
Josiah Gaitan - Måned siden
When I saw the post I had a Hart attack
Lwazi Zungu
Lwazi Zungu - Måned siden
Jelly can we have a diss track for 20 million subscribers
Lwazi Zungu
Lwazi Zungu - Måned siden
@amina umm muhammed yes
amina umm muhammed
amina umm muhammed - Måned siden
Gia Vong
Gia Vong - Måned siden
We got Clickbaited by jelly
Emil Fiso
Emil Fiso - Måned siden
Old one
Nathan Singh
Nathan Singh - Måned siden
Dear Jelly please can you play free fire the mobile game
LOGAN Whitbread
LOGAN Whitbread - Måned siden
dude Your at 20.3m subscribers!!! And you need luck seriously bro
Pranjal Srivastava
Pranjal Srivastava - Måned siden
It is very easy to find it is old because he is using old headset that's it
Pranjal Srivastava
Pranjal Srivastava - Måned siden
Reuploaded video
Luis Melgoza
Luis Melgoza - Måned siden
He is a facker no mirror trick
Multiplier T
Multiplier T - Måned siden
Jelly slogoman put present on front of you and crainers house but once you open the chest you’ll find a diamond but just so no one suspects him he put a diamond in it so no one will suspect him because he’s working on a very huge troll
Yara Bagadeem
Yara Bagadeem - Måned siden
Can we just have a second that slogo and crainer posted this like a year ago??
Mazegaming - Måned siden
I now see why he didnt upload this video 9 months ago because it is well edited
Mazegaming - Måned siden
I thought he got his old headset back
Champ Absam
Champ Absam - Måned siden
I think this is an old video
Rhishav Das
Rhishav Das - Måned siden
Jelly is just finding out old videos from the album
Cool Boy
Cool Boy - Måned siden
Yea it was 9 months ago
M. Haz1
M. Haz1 - Måned siden
This is old video maybe Jelly have make video cow town but never been upload this whole time
Jadus King
Jadus King - Måned siden
Aarav Santhosh
Aarav Santhosh - Måned siden
Whats going on like why is jelly aploding videos that are 9 months old?
Eilrach PH
Eilrach PH - Måned siden
Actually in this time all of the comment is 20 hours ago Lol.
Raphael Carlos Francisco
Raphael Carlos Francisco - Måned siden
jelly way ar you lisining to Crainer ? a.k.a hunter i heit your viodo ow sory hahaha.
Itz Andrej
Itz Andrej - Måned siden
this video is like 3-4-5-6 month old if u dont belive check it out on slogo's channel!
Amer Abou Murra
Amer Abou Murra - Måned siden
I wear your Murch every single day when they also go out
Aryan Shankar
Aryan Shankar - Måned siden
pls do a vlog ,all three of u together..plssssssssssssss........
jason whittingham
jason whittingham - Måned siden
Do some more uno please I love these videos
Juju Bean
Juju Bean - Måned siden
make sure you do