I TRAVELED 1,000,000 YEARS BACK In TIME! (Human Fall Flat)

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Bentsen Power
Bentsen Power - 10 timer siden
Jelly ones rky
Roblox Gaming 145
Roblox Gaming 145 - 2 dager siden
Dude I’ve been such a huge fan
Yuu & Taka Toram
Yuu & Taka Toram - 8 dager siden
Ebun Ayo Akinbode Allen
Ebun Ayo Akinbode Allen - 9 dager siden
your not funny at all
ian pasco
ian pasco - 9 dager siden
I like to time travel to WW2 and WW1
Nita Ancelet
Nita Ancelet - 10 dager siden
Jelly: I don’t care ! Josh it’s a time machine jelly: I don’t care Slogo: you don’t care about going back in time
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire - 12 dager siden
7:28 imposter imperceptible
Aryan Gagneja
Aryan Gagneja - 13 dager siden
*Emergency meeting*
Me- Guys, I saw jelly went at 7:20 *HE SUS*

. .
. . . .
. .
. .
jelly was an imposter
. .
. .
GoatifyTheMusician - 14 dager siden
I WAS BORN IN 2013!!
Amni Hanni
Amni Hanni - 16 dager siden
I laughed so much
Brennan Swetsky
Brennan Swetsky - 18 dager siden
I love these human fall flat videos
Shelby Paterson
Shelby Paterson - 18 dager siden
Something went in my mind when jelly vented... Among us hes the impostor
Tasha Danielle
Tasha Danielle - 18 dager siden
This is for how much subs you have roast : jelly you do not taste good because you have to much fat
Ben Collinson
Ben Collinson - 19 dager siden
PLEX ASH - 19 dager siden
Aiden Xa
Aiden Xa - 20 dager siden
Jelly go on crater are the imposter
Roxy Barber
Roxy Barber - 21 dag siden
hey I was
Quixy - 22 dager siden
I’m not fond of human fall flat either, every time I play with my friends they just pull me around instead of making actual progress
Thajinks - 23 dager siden
Josh: we need to go back in time so we didn’t meet jelly
Crainer: well if you did that you would have no subscribers
Everybody: ohhhhhhh!
That’s the wisest thing I’ve heard crainer said
Barney Calhoun
Barney Calhoun - 23 dager siden
Evan Fuller
Evan Fuller - 24 dager siden
Jelly is a rage monster
jayden trussell
jayden trussell - 24 dager siden
:Crainner look what I’m doing jelly what am I doing
:jelly nothing good.
:me haha that sentence is soo funny
Sofia Remtulla
Sofia Remtulla - 25 dager siden
Tech Monster!!!
Tech Monster!!! - 26 dager siden
WoW awesome bros
Bathabile Mogoere
Bathabile Mogoere - 26 dager siden
You will have to be a good persons in your relationship to make a good relationship with him and paballo you will have to do it all the time minecraft will have to make you feel good and paballo will have to do it for your life
Elite01 god is coming
Elite01 god is coming - 27 dager siden
Crainer : Josh you would have zero subs
Crainer fans: Ooooooooooo
Bivash Shrestha
Bivash Shrestha - 27 dager siden
Hi JElly, why u not playing call of duty after frickin 5 years why the frick???
Alvin M. Wong Jr.
Alvin M. Wong Jr. - 27 dager siden
Has anyone noticed that Jelly always screams or gets mad when hes being blamed
Aaron Cortez
Aaron Cortez - 18 dager siden
So true
Lucy Pearson
Lucy Pearson - 24 dager siden
Leonardo Gonzalez
Leonardo Gonzalez - 28 dager siden
Leonardo Gonzalez
Leonardo Gonzalez - 28 dager siden
M C - 28 dager siden
if josh is now 20 after being 95 how old is jelly is he in the negative numbers of age or his he just not born yet?
Rafael Belarde
Rafael Belarde - 28 dager siden
Slogo: Jelly is short he born in fat me: Jelly was short but hes not born fat but hes born from yotuber and hes eyes was watering small.
xhaggie - 28 dager siden
slogo and crainer are really rudeeeeeeeeeeee
aadhi dev
aadhi dev - 28 dager siden
Jodi Burrett
Jodi Burrett - 29 dager siden
you were in the vent so you are the impostor lol
chelo Fallaria
chelo Fallaria - 29 dager siden
Green vented
Tre Wolf
Tre Wolf - 29 dager siden
Tre Wolf
Tre Wolf - 29 dager siden
Tre Wolf
Tre Wolf - 29 dager siden
The way how jelly grabs drainer hair or should I say head( he’s bold) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Raheel Gamer
Raheel Gamer - 29 dager siden
Jelly please continue making videos until your last breath
Joshua Spaar
Joshua Spaar - 29 dager siden
they said that you are the loser BUT THE REAL LOSERS ARE SLOGO AND CRAINER P.S. I just wanted to make you fell better Jelly.😊😊😊😇😇
Isaac Santos
Isaac Santos - 29 dager siden
Jelly Slogo has a secret base with a diamond behind a tree in his front yard
Luke Miller-hall
Luke Miller-hall - 28 dager siden
Shut up
lookpvp - brawl stars
lookpvp - brawl stars - 29 dager siden
#07:23 jelly,crainer,slogo, was the impoater
Mark louie Argamosa
Mark louie Argamosa - 29 dager siden
I love you crainer I mean Josh I mean the 2 of you expect jelly
Mintyann Lovely
Mintyann Lovely - 29 dager siden
Plzzzzz do more
Vedant Kulkarni
Vedant Kulkarni - 29 dager siden
How to get more maps in human fall flat plz someone teply and explain
jash Marjuk
jash Marjuk - 29 dager siden
U should go back to time then tell china not to make covid-19
iiKingLegend 20
iiKingLegend 20 - Måned siden
Yep 👍 has a grown kid 🧒 I
iiKingLegend 20
iiKingLegend 20 - Måned siden
Fabio Ds Moore
Fabio Ds Moore - Måned siden
Can you do some more trailmakers
BRENDA KNIES - Måned siden
Osama Alfawal
Osama Alfawal - Måned siden
After one
Nugroho Iskandar
Nugroho Iskandar - Måned siden
*Jelly is the best of the best*
Nugroho Iskandar
Nugroho Iskandar - Måned siden
I watch ninjago videos and I have the *new* season 14 Lloyd
Readysalted80 Has cancer
Readysalted80 Has cancer - Måned siden
Yo jelly you wanker😂😂😂😂
Snata Shahrin
Snata Shahrin - Måned siden
Jelly yells a LOT in this vid...
Kelly Hutton
Kelly Hutton - Måned siden
Crainer:I’ve always wanted to be in a blender
Jelly:ha ha
Me:Jelly can already fit in one
Jen Richards
Jen Richards - Måned siden
Jen Richards
Jen Richards - Måned siden
Just joking
Joseph grey Manuel
Joseph grey Manuel - Måned siden
*jelly doesn't realise he hit 20 million subs.*
Luke Miller-hall
Luke Miller-hall - 28 dager siden
He did realise
LI RYAN RUIAN _ - Måned siden
I am one of your fan
Curtis Garza
Curtis Garza - Måned siden
You know how old you are jelly you only 5 year olds
Lalrawngbawla Colney
Lalrawngbawla Colney - Måned siden
fun fact there was no dinosaurs in a million year in the past
Manish Dangi
Manish Dangi - Måned siden
Play crossout
Ibrahim Ameen
Ibrahim Ameen - Måned siden
Jelly can I get a heart plz
Osama Osama
Osama Osama - Måned siden
I saw jelly vent
Sue Kudrak
Sue Kudrak - Måned siden
Carl Leonard Ybera
Carl Leonard Ybera - Måned siden
Daniel Ibiso Briggs A Whyteside
Jelly dinosaurs did not live 1 million years ago they live 75 million years ago
Nikhil Agrawal
Nikhil Agrawal - Måned siden
jacqueline agustin
jacqueline agustin - Måned siden
Jelly slogo is framing you in your minecraft world and he took the diamonds you gave to crainer!!!!! And slogo has a secret chest find a lever and something will open in his pond
the dark
the dark - Måned siden
Jelly Slogo has a sec base
the dark
the dark - Måned siden
In yt?
Daphnie Ron Salvador
Daphnie Ron Salvador - Måned siden
Josh and crainer are so mean to you
tony chandler
tony chandler - Måned siden
Jelly can you play more human fall flat
Trell Smith
Trell Smith - Måned siden
I like you
Tasin Habib
Tasin Habib - Måned siden
Jelly is the impostor he vented
Justin Castellanos
Justin Castellanos - Måned siden
Jelly was the true inposter he vented I saw it😂😂🥳
Justin Castellanos
Justin Castellanos - Måned siden
Jelly was the true inposter he vented I saw it😂😂🥳
Javier Ortega
Javier Ortega - Måned siden
I did wow I see a dinosaur wow jk lol
James Birchall
James Birchall - Måned siden
Sorry your I’m the past but egg-lest you get to do your mistakes and fix them 👍👍👍👍
Maria Vera
Maria Vera - Måned siden
It’s 65 million years ago
Joel Leonard
Joel Leonard - Måned siden
I think crainer might have of had a poo in his pants
Among US
Among US - Måned siden
how did you get that level jelly
Shivin Kalloe
Shivin Kalloe - Måned siden
7:40 jelly vented
King'Roman Wilson
King'Roman Wilson - Måned siden
jelly you are the best maker video ever
Joel Leonard
Joel Leonard - Måned siden
Mr Duckbill
Mr Duckbill - Måned siden
Yay I can drive now!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!

The power of like buttons
Anthony Romero
Anthony Romero - Måned siden
He changed the past in to jelly was never there because he in the past with no electricity and no video
S & L M
S & L M - Måned siden
Tercola Durham
Tercola Durham - Måned siden
I am your favorite
Santiago Halba
Santiago Halba - Måned siden
Play roblox
Kevon Ramator
Kevon Ramator - Måned siden
I love this video
Ammar Jamil
Ammar Jamil - Måned siden
play gang beast again
Milton Miller
Milton Miller - Måned siden
Dinosors were back milions back not just one milion
Darren Leslie
Darren Leslie - Måned siden
Got him
Jasmine Isabel
Jasmine Isabel - Måned siden
ya i do not like is
Sutton - Måned siden
nice vid
Maze Aurora
Maze Aurora - Måned siden
jellyy u are the best youtuber u are the funniest ever i am always thumbs up for you
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson - Måned siden
Jelly mad sus venten
Dominic Perry
Dominic Perry - Måned siden
hope you guys see the most famus ship called titanic