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Lil Luther
Lil Luther - 5 timer siden
Jelly crainer put that dirt and get your diamond
ceu pa
ceu pa - 13 timer siden
do a distraction dance in minecraft VR please!
Trayson Kendall
Trayson Kendall - 16 timer siden
Jelly there was a real gift it was one diamond but Crainer took the diamond and is hiding it and he has a new secret base I don't know where it is
charlotte isudelu Janua murray Murray
Jelly crainer stole your diamond rhat josh gave you
Jyothsna Hemadri
Jyothsna Hemadri - 2 dager siden
jelly slogo gave you and crainer diamond but crainer took his own diamond and stole your diamond and replaced it with dirt
Ashlyn Godsmark
Ashlyn Godsmark - 2 dager siden
I watched crainers video off this
Cheryl Stinson
Cheryl Stinson - 2 dager siden
I just saw that slogoman didn't put dirt cranier did
Blake Joosten
Blake Joosten - 2 dager siden
from josh
Blake Joosten
Blake Joosten - 2 dager siden
so actually it was crainer there was a diamond
Blake Joosten
Blake Joosten - 2 dager siden
bleeding utz is right lol
loryn mae asendiente
loryn mae asendiente - 3 dager siden
Good job jelly you got dirt but you Stoll crainer 1 diamond
bishudha nand singh
bishudha nand singh - 3 dager siden
Jelly crainer stole your dimond that slogo gave you
Holden Colvin
Holden Colvin - 3 dager siden
crainer trolled you
Julmar Lofranco
Julmar Lofranco - 3 dager siden
Crainer taked youre gift
abhyveniceq rayo
abhyveniceq rayo - 3 dager siden
crainer replaced it dirt its actualy diamon
dawn brenner
dawn brenner - 3 dager siden
r u u a nood thay r piglines the things that hade a crossbow it is 1.16 dumd dumd sorry not tryingh to be rude
Christopher Gunn
Christopher Gunn - 3 dager siden
Jelly Crainer stole your diamond in that red gift (yes you had a diamond) and he replaced it with dirt!
Stacey Dinnell
Stacey Dinnell - 3 dager siden
And you can trade with tham
Stacey Dinnell
Stacey Dinnell - 3 dager siden
Its cus you did not have gode arme
Nguyen Thi Xuan Nguyen
Nguyen Thi Xuan Nguyen - 3 dager siden
jelly crainer replaced your diamonds
Jayden yeoh Wei meng
Jayden yeoh Wei meng - 3 dager siden
Crainer put the dirt
Smita Biswas
Smita Biswas - 3 dager siden
I watched crainers video there was actually diamond in the chest but crainer took it and repalced it with dirt
Blondie Cup cake
Blondie Cup cake - 3 dager siden
Crainer put the dirt there and stole the diamond and has a basement in the waterfall in his garden
AIVAN DANCER - 4 dager siden
jelly josh donot put dirt inside it he put dimond for you jelly and crainer crainer login earlier and he see the gift in his house andhe look it that was dimond and he look in your gift that josh give to you in there also was dimond and crainer take the dimond and put dirt my buddy
Brick STUDIOS - 4 dager siden
Jelly m a pro
Brick STUDIOS - 4 dager siden
Vbxhhj z
黃樂仁WONG LOK YAN PIUS - 4 dager siden
slogo gave you diamonds but Crainer stool it
Fide Mendoza
Fide Mendoza - 4 dager siden
Fide Mendoza
Fide Mendoza - 4 dager siden
Crainer prank you
NCBall - 4 dager siden
And also those pig things in the nether u need to wear gold so they wont attack u and give them an gold ingot so they will give u valuable stuff.
NCBall - 4 dager siden
Jelly crakner took the present of yours it was actually a diamond.
Sans_ Tuber
Sans_ Tuber - 4 dager siden
Crainer stole the diamond in present
aman mahmood
aman mahmood - 4 dager siden
Jelly slogo gave u a daimond and crainer stole it and placed dirt
Blink Forever
Blink Forever - 4 dager siden
Josh left jelly a diamond crainer just took i t
Karkar Remon
Karkar Remon - 5 dager siden
jelly slogo did hive you a diamond but crainer took it plz no harm for slogo plz
Tigara Tiger
Tigara Tiger - 5 dager siden
Jelly slogo has a secret base into a tree that has a lever but be careful and go ahead and check it out
Layla Sky
Layla Sky - 5 dager siden
Jelly there was a diamond in the chest crainer took it out and gave you dirt
ultron wheller
ultron wheller - 5 dager siden
Jelly cairaner stol you Dimond from slog s present to you
Andre Greeff
Andre Greeff - 5 dager siden
The piglins will atack you if you dont have gold armour on
Romiah Martin
Romiah Martin - 6 dager siden
Crain stole the dimands
Talita Tu'i'onetoa Uili
Talita Tu'i'onetoa Uili - 6 dager siden
Jaxon Mackenzie
Jaxon Mackenzie - 6 dager siden
Cramer Stole all your diamonds
Penny Crowley
Penny Crowley - 6 dager siden
There is a secret chest in slogomans pool
louisopyoutube - 6 dager siden
Jelly joch give jou not a dirtblock but it was crainer
louisopyoutube - 6 dager siden
In the chast was first a diamond but crainer put a dirtblock in the chast
TheVenman - 7 dager siden
Cranmer stole the diomands in the chest inside the present
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith - 7 dager siden
Slogo gave u a DIAMOND but Crainer stole it!!!
Lubia Delgado
Lubia Delgado - 7 dager siden
The diamond in the chest Crainer stole it lol
潘家华 - 7 dager siden
crainer stole the diamonds in there so ya
Jalen Bonevelle
Jalen Bonevelle - 7 dager siden
crainer stole it
House of Hades
House of Hades - 7 dager siden
Crainer that it
House of Hades
House of Hades - 7 dager siden
Crainer did it
Blake Theunissen
Blake Theunissen - 7 dager siden
And replace it with dirt
Blake Theunissen
Blake Theunissen - 7 dager siden
I saw in crainers video he took the item that was a gift from slogo it was a diamond💎 crainer he took the diamond
Mohammed Taher
Mohammed Taher - 7 dager siden
Slogo give you a dimension Craner toke it
lazy kat
lazy kat - 8 dager siden
Lol josh actually left 1 diamond for you XD
RJF Filion
RJF Filion - 8 dager siden
Craner stole the real gift it was a diamond but Crainer replace it with dirt
Moonnaa khan
Moonnaa khan - 8 dager siden
Jelly Josh gave you and Crainer a prison but Crainer told to yours and then Crainer for you drip inside so it was crainers fold call him or something
Slade YT
Slade YT - 8 dager siden
Slogoman gave you and crainer in that large gift box but crainer took yours also.
Bulacan Sheila
Bulacan Sheila - 9 dager siden
no jelly
David Campbell
David Campbell - 9 dager siden
It was crainer not Josh gave you a diamond
Zenette Hamito
Zenette Hamito - 9 dager siden
Hahah Crainer place dirt on josh diamond present
Xi Obito
Xi Obito - 9 dager siden
Jelly tip wear gold in the n
Marcie Mitchell
Marcie Mitchell - 9 dager siden
Cranmer took the actual gift it was a diamond in there pls troll crainer
Blessing Ademola
Blessing Ademola - 9 dager siden
Jelly your present was actually a diamond but crainer took it please don't blame Josh
yan naung
yan naung - 9 dager siden
No it was diamonds crainer stole them
yan naung
yan naung - 9 dager siden
No it was diamonds crainer stole them
Gewoon Lotte
Gewoon Lotte - 10 dager siden
In that present was a diamond but crainer grabbed it
IRINA aka PRINCESS BULIGAN - 10 dager siden
Jelly Josh put the diamond and crainer replace it with a dirt in your gift
Charlie Johnston
Charlie Johnston - 10 dager siden
Give back grain is diamonds or is this just tell me where they are
julie dong
julie dong - 10 dager siden
Crainer got the diamonds in the presents slogo made
xaviernorman bejar
xaviernorman bejar - 10 dager siden
jelly in the nether you need a golden helmet so that you wont get attacked by the pigman thingis that you saw
Xavier Niño Catilosa
Xavier Niño Catilosa - 11 dager siden
Hi jelly it wasn't slogo
Jane Zhang
Jane Zhang - 12 dager siden
Move your bed under ground so he does not know were your bed is so you can sleep
Lenovo M7
Lenovo M7 - 13 dager siden
It's cairner put dird in the cesht
Dennis Fronda
Dennis Fronda - 13 dager siden
Crainer stole the gift
Thats Your Girls
Thats Your Girls - 13 dager siden
Jelly the dirt was form crainer not form josh. Josh put an diamond there for a gift for you
Joshua Markus
Joshua Markus - 13 dager siden
Can you put dirt in there be because he he had a diamond
Ayesha Aman
Ayesha Aman - 13 dager siden
Jelly i love your canall
Clair Bravery
Clair Bravery - 13 dager siden
Mary Enquist
Mary Enquist - 13 dager siden
jelly craner has your gift it was a dimond and you need to get him back there in the chest in secret basement
prerna chaudhary
prerna chaudhary - 14 dager siden
Jelly josh has a seceret lever on the tree in his house and that lever opens a chest inside his pond (also josh gave u a diamond in the big gift but crainer stole it and replaced it with dirt)
filip filip
filip filip - 14 dager siden
i love your vids
Emlyn Mousley
Emlyn Mousley - 14 dager siden
josh gave you diamands but crainer stole the diamsnds.
Josh Barnes
Josh Barnes - 14 dager siden
calls himself minecraft pro and he doesnt need a crafting bench to make flint and steel
IM David
IM David - 15 dager siden
It was crainer who put dirt
Kazi Nafi
Kazi Nafi - 15 dager siden
Crainer stole it go to his channel!
العلوم مع مستر إيهاب
In the present
العلوم مع مستر إيهاب
There was I think It was two Diments
العلوم مع مستر إيهاب
It was crainer who put Dirt in your present
Kencho Lhuendrup
Kencho Lhuendrup - 16 dager siden
Miggy Galongca
Miggy Galongca - 16 dager siden
Jelly crainer and slogo needs an episode its so hard to know which is new....😥😥😥😥
Kencho Lhuendrup
Kencho Lhuendrup - 16 dager siden
Burhanuddin Esmailjee
Burhanuddin Esmailjee - 16 dager siden
Mincraft pro
Bernie Lugtu
Bernie Lugtu - 16 dager siden
It was from cranier
MoonPlayzRobloxFam - 16 dager siden
Armando Sarmiento
Armando Sarmiento - 16 dager siden
Crainer took your diamonds please build slogoman's house good because crayon took your diamonds and make sure the troll Crainer by blowing his whole house up and make sure to take his diamonds because he's building another secret house
Maula Mirza Ahnafii 4C
Maula Mirza Ahnafii 4C - 16 dager siden
they're piglin they attack you because you don't wear 1 piece of gold armor
Alma Ventura
Alma Ventura - 16 dager siden
Jelly cranr has anuthr base bits in the wishen well next to nos home
Alma Ventura
Alma Ventura - 16 dager siden
I am Turbo Kid
I am Turbo Kid - 16 dager siden
Jelly you can’t beat the ender dragon because you’re such a noob
Athar Rani.Alamsyah 7
Athar Rani.Alamsyah 7 - 16 dager siden
Jelly put a golden helmet the piglin in the nether wont attack