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Firdaus Somedjo
Firdaus Somedjo - 22 timer siden
HEY Jelly i think slogo is framing crainer
Itz BunGaming
Itz BunGaming - Dag siden
Jelly i hope you have a great relationship :)
Rainbow ERK
Rainbow ERK - 2 dager siden
i told crainer
Fleur Hoolsteens
Fleur Hoolsteens - 2 dager siden
you ar funy
WaterMagma and Glitter Playz
Even though I don’t have Minecraft I love your channel
Brooke Joselin
Brooke Joselin - 3 dager siden
Can you please do you more to Turtle town videos please they’re great keep it up
Wisito Duarte
Wisito Duarte - 3 dager siden
Jelly is the best
Edwin montano
Edwin montano - 4 dager siden
U should of left it to go back up and that was funny😂😂
Avi Nate
Avi Nate - 5 dager siden
Jelly crainer found your secret base and the redstone you found he didn't see it and noticed that the tax house is gone
Yeyen Setiawaty
Yeyen Setiawaty - 5 dager siden
I want to see jelly troll Josh with tnt
Mikel Merdita
Mikel Merdita - 5 dager siden
Can you play more YouTube channels of this game because I like when I see this channel watching youBecause I like these kind of videos
Christina Ratcliff
Christina Ratcliff - 5 dager siden
Who started the pranks in the world
Kim - 5 dager siden
Good job jelly
Christina Ratcliff
Christina Ratcliff - 5 dager siden
Creator did it
hi it is me
hi it is me - 6 dager siden
i know where crainer hid his dimands in his under ground base thats under your house but slogo found them and took them thanking they where yours
Jaxon Mackenzie
Jaxon Mackenzie - 6 dager siden
Venom - 6 dager siden
Jelly luv ur trolling videos keep it up
SWATI TRIPATHI - 7 dager siden
craner gets out his base he said he just left all exposed
david lee
david lee - 7 dager siden
Not true that’s what I think
Brody Mac
Brody Mac - 8 dager siden
Craner did it
Ronalyn Ferrer
Ronalyn Ferrer - 8 dager siden
Cainer troll jelly
cadu lena
cadu lena - 8 dager siden
it was crane her
Sylvie Brahoua
Sylvie Brahoua - 9 dager siden
I am a jelly fan and watch you almost everyday 🍀☘️🐸🐲🦎🐉🦖🦕🐢🐊🐍 go green
Hendry Sky
Hendry Sky - 9 dager siden
jelly you have ben troll by cranier and now she troll you with smoker in you house jelly
Spanky Doodle
Spanky Doodle - 9 dager siden
To crainer
Spanky Doodle
Spanky Doodle - 9 dager siden
I snitch 'ed on u
Aadhya Singh
Aadhya Singh - 9 dager siden
Jelly the Slogoman hide Diamond left side at pool but you have to to find the tree so you can get your diamonds
Ahmad ashour
Ahmad ashour - 9 dager siden
Tiana Fuataga
Tiana Fuataga - 10 dager siden
Dear Jelly
I have watched crainer's video and
he puted lots of signs in you room
John vincent Jo
John vincent Jo - 10 dager siden
Put TNT crainer home put sign
rhyian jae caudilla
rhyian jae caudilla - 10 dager siden
3:29 banana phone
Carson Kaiwei Deng
Carson Kaiwei Deng - 10 dager siden
Jelly slowgo has trool you
Carson Kaiwei Deng
Carson Kaiwei Deng - 10 dager siden
Jelly Slowgo has trool.
Toph Ettinger
Toph Ettinger - 10 dager siden
Jelly crannr stall and diamond
nyan cat
nyan cat - 11 dager siden
I watched crainers vid he fell for it i would of sniched bet someone else did xoxo alannah🥰
Lucas Neuts
Lucas Neuts - 11 dager siden
You should’ve put lava at the bottom
Debbie-Lynn Hamm
Debbie-Lynn Hamm - 11 dager siden
I love these vids
Rachel Bevan
Rachel Bevan - 11 dager siden
keeps your diamonds in his pool
DARKSOUL GAMING - 12 dager siden
Do you were a gift in your house drained took the diamond and put dirt in that chest
DARKSOUL GAMING - 12 dager siden
Jellly drained is so mad at you
Marco Rodriguez
Marco Rodriguez - 12 dager siden
It was Crane Henry band
Unicorn Ella
Unicorn Ella - 13 dager siden
And how do you white the books?
earth346 weather
earth346 weather - 14 dager siden
U have the look of Jack black/ The one that played R.L stine in goosebumps your face remineds me of him if u dont know Jack black then look him up
Lawrence Garvey
Lawrence Garvey - 15 dager siden
Harley McCann
Harley McCann - 15 dager siden
Kranji did it
graham hutton
graham hutton - 15 dager siden
Slogo has a back door
Christina Barry
Christina Barry - 15 dager siden
Crainer sux. Why would anyone tell him? Josh isn’t even that cruel
Christina Barry
Christina Barry - 15 dager siden
Jelly, that is the oldest trick in the book. Look up 50 ways to mess with your friends in minecraft. Those are the best trolls on planet earth
Alma Ventura
Alma Ventura - 16 dager siden
Jelly cranr has nuthr dimins to
dimins in his srecit base
Lynne Buck
Lynne Buck - 16 dager siden
I like how Jelly forgot to make a intro to
Cheryl Sabanal
Cheryl Sabanal - 16 dager siden
Anneli Conway
Anneli Conway - 16 dager siden
Dennis Qi
Dennis Qi - 17 dager siden
I know where slogo diamonds are
Jam Peralta
Jam Peralta - 17 dager siden
Why shes house are on smoke
Jam Peralta
Jam Peralta - 17 dager siden
Haha. Shes been trolled
Martha Persaud
Martha Persaud - 18 dager siden
Please. Tell me the name your game
Inuyasha Fan
Inuyasha Fan - 18 dager siden
Atiya ali
Atiya ali - 18 dager siden
I didn’t know anything about it because Siri hacked into my server
jho h,amer
jho h,amer - 19 dager siden
Slogo man has a secret base
Katie N
Katie N - 19 dager siden
Hogg be hhhhhhvbjb🙂😌😇🙂🥲🙂🥲😋🌎🍅🥲🍊🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕👑🍕🍕🍕🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
eds junio
eds junio - 19 dager siden
Block Of Netherite
Block Of Diamond
Block Of Iron
Block Of Gold
Block Of Coal
Zair Fugon Garay
Zair Fugon Garay - 20 dager siden
anyone else notice that one of the windows is equal but some how i lines up with roof that has a middle
Milo Boylan
Milo Boylan - 20 dager siden
You took his diamond crainer is going to be so mad
Mel Paddy
Mel Paddy - 19 dager siden
Ye craner
Jowita Ziarek
Jowita Ziarek - 20 dager siden
Jelly Criener stol a Diemend from slogospresend for yu and Criener put a Dirt block in der.
DionDrei Ramilo
DionDrei Ramilo - 16 dager siden
Jelly kreetaapopihes
Rachel Brinas
Rachel Brinas - 20 dager siden
K jelly
Imaan Hull
Imaan Hull - 20 dager siden
Imaan Hull
Imaan Hull - 20 dager siden
Jelly pls listen sogoman has a secret behind a tree and there in the lake there would be a listen opening in the water and there's diamonds =)
Brilliant Gamer
Brilliant Gamer - 21 dag siden
Do you know that slogo is a hacker
Max Rosenfield
Max Rosenfield - 21 dag siden
Jelly josh dod it
Christian Yamas
Christian Yamas - 22 dager siden
Wy crainer name jelly
Teresita Los Baños
Teresita Los Baños - 22 dager siden
hey jelly i know a really good troll for slogo and crainer or any of them
but it take many years but if you like
get more tnt and dig under the house with the chess above it with one diamonds then it will blow up his house
Karl Stephen Riley Alcon Gabia
Yes im not going to tell slowgo or canear jelly
Romeo Avram
Romeo Avram - 23 dager siden
And slogo
I play games
I play games - 23 dager siden
Good job for 20M subs!
Rains Florendo
Rains Florendo - 24 dager siden
Make a secret basement for hiding your diamonds
Zia eristelle Ramirez
Zia eristelle Ramirez - 24 dager siden
Hahha sike
Kian Axel Lacap
Kian Axel Lacap - 24 dager siden
And the other vid you do ther is a gift crainer take the diamond there and criner put a dirt and slogo gift criner to so crainer have extra 2 diamond because the gift of slogo only have 1 diamond so crainer have 2 diamond on his invintory
Victoria Wofford
Victoria Wofford - 24 dager siden
I'm snitching on crainer as Victoria
Christopher Brack
Christopher Brack - 24 dager siden
slogo has a secret chest behind the tree
Harriet Mapulanga
Harriet Mapulanga - 24 dager siden
crainer has secret daimonds
wing nut7724
wing nut7724 - 24 dager siden
i have a good troll for josh
Jiyaad Solomons
Jiyaad Solomons - 24 dager siden
The least you can do is give it back
Jiyaad Solomons
Jiyaad Solomons - 25 dager siden
Telicia Shockley
Telicia Shockley - 25 dager siden
Slogo Jelly make a nether TROLL for him with TNT
G2 De La Vega
G2 De La Vega - 25 dager siden
Crainer is hiding a diamond chest in his house in turtle town in the tree theres a diamond chest
G2 De La Vega
G2 De La Vega - 25 dager siden
Crainer is hiding a diamond chest in his house in a tree
xiao li
xiao li - 25 dager siden
Im also a big fan of you I watch all of your videos and I love it :). You should craft more TNT’s. You should cover his house into a pile of TNT’s. Well it’s a great idea I just like that idea isn’t it brilliant? By the way you Can add more disasters to destroy his house isn’t that brilliant too? Can you do that??????
xiao li
xiao li - 25 dager siden
Ok I will not tell crainer I promise
Renee Franklin
Renee Franklin - 25 dager siden
Jelly slogo stul your diminse 💎
Harold Velasco
Harold Velasco - 25 dager siden
Jelly is so funny😀
Daniel Mike
Daniel Mike - 25 dager siden
It was slog man that idot
sidahmed la
sidahmed la - 25 dager siden
Jelly you should go to your friends houses if you find obsidian you should go to the neither
Isaac Orellana
Isaac Orellana - 26 dager siden
Hey happy in your server and remember jelly bit actually This is 1st time builder help he he had been by the frame and then I watched video and then he there to smoothies I know when you lose any Lucas Murphy there's a notch movie he founded a diamond inside deaths Murphy monies have super big fans of money is called Isaac super big fan of you
Katherine Kessinger
Katherine Kessinger - 26 dager siden
Hey jelly I’ve downloaded spellbreak on my Nintendo
Zachary Kelly
Zachary Kelly - 26 dager siden
Milo Blumberg
Milo Blumberg - 26 dager siden
Secretly hide the other diamonds in the other chest
Milo Blumberg
Milo Blumberg - 26 dager siden
You left the coal
Milo Blumberg
Milo Blumberg - 26 dager siden
What if he goes strait to the tower
Milo Blumberg
Milo Blumberg - 26 dager siden
You aren’t being a nice friend either to crainer
Milo Blumberg
Milo Blumberg - 26 dager siden
Why would you say next your house next to your bed because he’ll go to your bed your bed is irrelevant and unimportant so you didn’t have to say it
Milo Blumberg
Milo Blumberg - 26 dager siden
He will see you have dug down his 60 blocks so you should’ve gone up with normal stone