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•teddy bear•
•teddy bear• - Dag siden
why among us ghosts ipads have a crack in it: they throw it with stress of dying
Raymond Lim
Raymond Lim - Dag siden
o new it was josh
Raymond Lim
Raymond Lim - Dag siden
i guesse its josh
Samuel Knowles
Samuel Knowles - 4 dager siden
Jelly here’s some advice, do your tasks and make videos which Crainer,Slogo and you aren’t imposters all the time.
Roxy Rademeyer
Roxy Rademeyer - 5 dager siden
Jelly Slogo hevs a secret room in hes Mincraft house behind the panteng
The Kings Kings
The Kings Kings - 5 dager siden
NASA gurl stooped
Anirudh Anand
Anirudh Anand - 5 dager siden
Rules” Josh and crainer are always sus

yik waihin
yik waihin - 9 dager siden
Why every time josh
Poppy Mattick
Poppy Mattick - 10 dager siden
Slogo: you know what, see you later
Crainer: ok don't call him that, offensive

Jelly: well its true, he smells
Xd FLoW - 11 dager siden
What do u mean u don't like the name Raven, my 5 year old cousin is called Raven
janiya symonds
janiya symonds - 11 dager siden
'jelly' i dont like the name raven 'me' MY 2 YEAR OLD SISTERS NAME IS RAVEN:((((((
Willi.M Blake
Willi.M Blake - 13 dager siden
my favorite youtubers is....... jelly and salionproduction! wait one more............. its PUMBA!!!!
Amelia Bassier
Amelia Bassier - 13 dager siden
Nasa gurl does not trust Container 😂😂
Tears Mmola
Tears Mmola - 13 dager siden
Slogoman is big imposter
Fiona Howith
Fiona Howith - 15 dager siden
To days my birthday
Landen LeRolland-Wagner
Landen LeRolland-Wagner - 15 dager siden
some day can i join your sever
Vivian Adame
Vivian Adame - 15 dager siden
jelly its slogo
Liliana Magor
Liliana Magor - 16 dager siden
It slogo
Darvie james Pakinggan
Darvie james Pakinggan - 17 dager siden
Jelly its funny when crainer said what
Subarna Kedem
Subarna Kedem - 17 dager siden
Chetna Nandwana
Chetna Nandwana - 17 dager siden
Jelly can u make jelly shoes
big_boys23 and snapnap123 Follow on TikTok
Where's Crainer when he walks in front of him lmao😂
Hamza Abdelmagid
Hamza Abdelmagid - 18 dager siden
I knew it was slogoman
Uprie Bunda Fareno
Uprie Bunda Fareno - 18 dager siden
Jelly impostor is slogo
Uprie Bunda Fareno
Uprie Bunda Fareno - 18 dager siden
Alwin Ortega
Alwin Ortega - 18 dager siden
Ha HaHa 😂😇😂😂😇
The L Squad
The L Squad - 18 dager siden
When there was a dead body in caf Trent was on the side of your screen jelly when y’all were voting, also Trent ran from the body
Hannah Boast
Hannah Boast - 19 dager siden
The imposter is vent good😄😄😄😄
Keith Aldridge
Keith Aldridge - 19 dager siden
Keith Aldridge
Keith Aldridge - 19 dager siden
omg laphf
Anthony Greenham
Anthony Greenham - 20 dager siden
Michelle Fiore
Michelle Fiore - 20 dager siden
Malik Mark
Malik Mark - 20 dager siden
Don't play with slogo in amoung us
Amari Shelton
Amari Shelton - 20 dager siden
It slogo
Red Barce
Red Barce - 20 dager siden
Josh just vented in medbay while jelly watching the camera
Jalynn Floyd
Jalynn Floyd - 21 dag siden
I will tell you how I win. First I wait until one person just one person walk-in to cafeteria I close the doors to cafeteria murder them and vent
Jalynn Floyd
Jalynn Floyd - 21 dag siden
I be afk aka stand still
Sara Martinez
Sara Martinez - 21 dag siden
Jelly I saw one of sanas videos and she also takes a lonnnng time one swipe card. Y’all are soulmates
Mimi Guinto
Mimi Guinto - 21 dag siden
I actual thougt it was josh cuz he. Was facing the right hand when he went out of medbay and theres a vent at bottom left of medbay and if an impostor went out of a vent he would be facing right so josh went out of medbay facing right hand so hes impostor
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez - 22 dager siden
Jelly I got some of your Murch
Terri couch
Terri couch - 22 dager siden
I know it
The Bears
The Bears - 22 dager siden
Jelly: I'm too good at this game
Me: *watches until the end*
Also me: Didn't he just lose?
Piper Annalise
Piper Annalise - 22 dager siden
Emilee Perkins
Emilee Perkins - 22 dager siden
Jelly is still sick
Hafsa Hassan
Hafsa Hassan - 22 dager siden
the way jelly prounaunsed raven is fox in swedish (btw i live in sweden)
L G - 23 dager siden
In amongs if someone is walking out of me dbay looking right then they vented
Lesley Yang
Lesley Yang - 23 dager siden
can you make more amomg us videos
John Weekly
John Weekly - 24 dager siden
Are you kidding me Nasagurl
LeoPlayz - 24 dager siden
Nasagurl was not even with Slogo!
Miirpor ;Dhirada
Miirpor ;Dhirada - 25 dager siden
You poopy 555
violet Beatrice
violet Beatrice - 26 dager siden
I knew it all along
Laurene Ryan
Laurene Ryan - 27 dager siden
Jelly: where is crainer
Me: crainer walking right past jelly
Abdirachman Yuusuf
Abdirachman Yuusuf - 28 dager siden
Hi jelly your the best
Pawan to Kumar
Pawan to Kumar - 28 dager siden
Claps for NasaGurl
jonna riza Manabe
jonna riza Manabe - 28 dager siden
My day wont be complete without jelly's vids🥰🥰
Isabel Middle
Isabel Middle - 28 dager siden
Jelly if you have a hard with the card swipe go slowly to the arrow then fast to the end
DemonModder_YT - 29 dager siden
Love you jelly!
Cool Fry
Cool Fry - Måned siden
I did not know that yoga was the imposter
Brianna Meredith
Brianna Meredith - Måned siden
It is Josh 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😠
zykeveyin malone
zykeveyin malone - Måned siden
This was Hilarious
Nathan Caliz
Nathan Caliz - Måned siden
Sligo sus
Emily Cooperstein
Emily Cooperstein - Måned siden
Slogo HOW just what why how when where WAS Slogo IMPOSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27 Jeliane Marie Mandal
27 Jeliane Marie Mandal - Måned siden
is nasagurl
Glen Gibson
Glen Gibson - Måned siden
Crainer is acting suss
Harvey Wray
Harvey Wray - Måned siden
jessus at the start i knew slogoman was it cause he trolls to good
Edgardo Canico Jr.
Edgardo Canico Jr. - Måned siden
Hi jelly
Dale Sanders
Dale Sanders - Måned siden
Does slogo have a YT channel?
Ehmel Manalo
Ehmel Manalo - Måned siden
Jelly: where did he go?!
Me: I see brown walking to reactor and I think jelly think that its black hahahahahahaha
Debbie Thompson
Debbie Thompson - Måned siden
Jamie Dailey
Jamie Dailey - Måned siden
My brother loves you
pkidz channel
pkidz channel - Måned siden
It is slogo
Amber Meyer
Amber Meyer - Måned siden
lol is it light from the squad
CallMehJay - Måned siden
it’s his to see you small boy
James Stothers
James Stothers - Måned siden
Ummm... Hahahaha
Keyon Brown
Keyon Brown - Måned siden
slogo is god jelly is god craener is noob
Maria Tellez
Maria Tellez - Måned siden
Muhinsoikat Chowdhury
Muhinsoikat Chowdhury - Måned siden
.is. . Trent
timothy Amarille
timothy Amarille - Måned siden
Omar Rashed
Omar Rashed - Måned siden
Not me
Rene Echeverria Sabillon
Rene Echeverria Sabillon - Måned siden
I knew it was josh when you reported body in caf
carlos villalta
carlos villalta - Måned siden
Bro craisner was rigth beside you whene you said where is crainer
luckiecat1973 - Måned siden
Josh was at electrical and vented to securely so ya
ANGRY TOUCAN - Måned siden
13:58 ✋💫🌟💯 Hahaha that was funny
IsabelAbreuKnevett - Måned siden
it's crainer
kine kristoffersen
kine kristoffersen - Måned siden
I am u gays bigest fen u and iamsanna
Jeffy Fan
Jeffy Fan - Måned siden
It’s Trent
Mason McLaughlin
Mason McLaughlin - Måned siden
slogo is the imposter I sall him going to the right side I sall a video
Amy Tann
Amy Tann - Måned siden
Well done Jelly
Sugar n Salt _ سكر و ملح
yes yes
Ethan Zeng
Ethan Zeng - Måned siden
it is red
lou bryan sotto
lou bryan sotto - Måned siden
I think josh is the imposter bc he’s sus bc at cams he went to cafe
Chunky Shrek
Chunky Shrek - Måned siden
5:00 sound effects with Jelly
Leah Zahirah
Leah Zahirah - Måned siden
jelly said slogo poopy in 11:34 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leah Zahirah
Leah Zahirah - Måned siden
why you think is crainer
Luther warner
Luther warner - Måned siden
if he task there would of win
Luther warner
Luther warner - Måned siden
y do jelly not do all this task
PANDA GAMING - Måned siden
Gave me impostor😈😈😈😈😈
Parmida Queen of nature
Parmida Queen of nature - Måned siden
God why u took it so long?cyan black and red were in cameras now cyan is dead and red is gone isnt that much proof to u that its red?😑
Kamlesh Vishnu
Kamlesh Vishnu - Måned siden
You missed crainer he vent
How did you not know it’s josh,Trent cereal box and josh was in security
anu iyengar
anu iyengar - Måned siden
Jelly make a video of among us but everyone is jelly but the color changes and I subscribed to you and slogo and cranier and kwelbolkop
Louise Alexa Sibanta Mesa
Louise Alexa Sibanta Mesa - Måned siden
I know that its Josh/Slogo at first cuz when he was in the electrical there was a short task but hes standing there sooo long.