I Found A HIDDEN CHEST On MY FRIENDS ISLAND! (Minecraft Skyblock)

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Jayden Clyne De Guzman
Jayden Clyne De Guzman - 12 timer siden
Hey Jelly slogoman hide a two infinite water source and the mob grinder go to the loot chest and go straight it you will see the price
Heinrich Paul Ubana
Heinrich Paul Ubana - 15 timer siden
jelly how im ganna say this alright slogoman steel crainer and your water and lava i washt slologoman vid
Ping Li
Ping Li - Dag siden
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose - Dag siden
U build from the community chest at he mob farm U keep building behind it and there they are
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose - Dag siden
Jelly Josh is the person that stole the water and lava he hid it far sway
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose - Dag siden
I ment away
freda hopkins
freda hopkins - 2 dager siden
I love how jelly thinks thats josh because crainers framing him lol
hamad alketbi
hamad alketbi - 4 dager siden
he put it on an island behind the chest is close to the mob spawner
claire sherman
claire sherman - 4 dager siden
Your you're a liquid on a secret island
GHOUL GAMES - 5 dager siden
Skejeej Skakwka
Skejeej Skakwka - 6 dager siden
The lava is behind slogos house far eway
Michael Wamala
Michael Wamala - 6 dager siden
Your lava is behide the chest there is a secret island
Ma elena Bigsat
Ma elena Bigsat - 6 dager siden
Jelly your videos are awesome
ZOE NICOLE DORDAS - 6 dager siden
Jelly I am a fan josh tuck your lukiud
Jakob Thompson
Jakob Thompson - 7 dager siden
Jakob Thompson
Jakob Thompson - 7 dager siden
Jelly this video is kinda short😐😐😐😑
dave dasas
dave dasas - 7 dager siden
your lava and water stole slogo and hide it in straight back grinder mob chest
Tina Jourdan
Tina Jourdan - 8 dager siden
Jelly the mob grinder little shirt the chair test on sky block it’s a hind you just have to build straight and you’ll find your liquids and I’m really a fan of your stuf jelly
Aneldi Kruger
Aneldi Kruger - 8 dager siden
MCUTAMIL Gaming - 8 dager siden
Jell Sologo man hid it 320 blocks away from the community chest
Breenseaturtle Gaming
Breenseaturtle Gaming - 9 dager siden
Who else has subbed to Jelly since he was playing gta 5
also im legit subbing to eveyone who subs to me.
Hunter Dodson
Hunter Dodson - 9 dager siden
Build all the way behind the community chest until u see a small cube made of wood and cobble stone that is were he put your lava and water u will need a lot of wood or cobble stone to get there
Olia Pekka
Olia Pekka - 9 dager siden
Tangitamanu Terai
Tangitamanu Terai - 9 dager siden
Hint: Your liquids are in the opposite direction from
slogomans sky block island although it has a limit of over 2 stacks of blocks
towards these rare items
Aroon Ahnaf
Aroon Ahnaf - 9 dager siden
Jelly slogo has a sick new I land far far a way
Mr Rush Gaming
Mr Rush Gaming - 9 dager siden
Rasha Bani
Rasha Bani - 10 dager siden
APPA PLAYZ - 10 dager siden
Jelly is so funny
APPA PLAYZ - 10 dager siden
Brenda Lood
Brenda Lood - 10 dager siden
Jelly slogo hide your lava make a straight bridge in the mob chest
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez - 10 dager siden
jelly Creator was stealing stuff from you
Kean Jever Miranda
Kean Jever Miranda - 10 dager siden
You say cranier
Kean Jever Miranda
Kean Jever Miranda - 10 dager siden
Is slogo hide lava and water he get it go secret is land i mob chest put a pat
Kean Jever Miranda
Kean Jever Miranda - 10 dager siden
The chest is the mob is green or goft or Christmas
VIVEK PATIL - 11 dager siden
Do u know jelly the water is to the straight to slogomans island faaaar away
NEERA DADHICH - 11 dager siden
More sky block plsss
sonia cote
sonia cote - 12 dager siden
can crainer and slogo just leave me alone,funny how he invites them
Lisa Thomas
Lisa Thomas - 12 dager siden
Kyler Ferolino
Kyler Ferolino - 12 dager siden
Jelly coLe
VICTORER gamingz
VICTORER gamingz - 12 dager siden
slogo is mrfloaty
Austin Filbert
Austin Filbert - 12 dager siden
Jelly don't take the water later if crainer finds out he would think you are Mr flouty or log out with the water
Prateek Kumar gautam
Prateek Kumar gautam - 12 dager siden
Jelly it is slogo who is MR floaty
Te_Hoia5673 gamer boi
Te_Hoia5673 gamer boi - 12 dager siden
He went to the community chest and went straight to make a big line of cobblestone and put a chest at the end and it had you lava and water please make this a vid it will really give you lots and lots of content
Aadam Shiraz Year 7
Aadam Shiraz Year 7 - 13 dager siden
Jelly, in between yours and crainer's house (opposite slogo's) there is an island that is where the rest of the liquids are
Evan11 - 13 dager siden
The direction is across from you
Evan11 - 13 dager siden
Josh built a secret island with water and in it for away from you
Santhosh Shivang Y.S.
Santhosh Shivang Y.S. - 13 dager siden
jelly go 200 blocks from the mob grinder chest and you will find all the lava and water👍👍👍👍
Kama ilham
Kama ilham - 14 dager siden
So that what happened
Lewis McMullen
Lewis McMullen - 14 dager siden
i know where your lava and water has gone josh has made a secret island where the chest is just use your blocks what you have
XxAngelicaYTxX - 14 dager siden
I love When The chest is fully Design With that Christmas chest
Salem Sebhatu
Salem Sebhatu - 10 dager siden
yeah how did they do that
Dora Macauly
Dora Macauly - 14 dager siden
The endermen is on a diet that's why it was holding a water melon
Aman Hussain
Aman Hussain - 14 dager siden
Jelly i love ure vids
Robi Trabi
Robi Trabi - 14 dager siden
We're waiting too long...please upload another episode
Mr. Rob
Mr. Rob - 14 dager siden
@Jelly Can I join your mine-craft sky-block series please I will help you troll CRAINER and JOSH I pinky promise this wont backfire. ON YOU!
Lil Boo11
Lil Boo11 - 15 dager siden
Slogo hide the water and lava in different land far far away
Marisela Lopez
Marisela Lopez - 15 dager siden
Jelly logo man stole your water and lava you and Kraner must point
Ayden Stevens
Ayden Stevens - 15 dager siden
andrew pobazo
andrew pobazo - 15 dager siden
it was the crainster he set you up
Shannon Sill
Shannon Sill - 15 dager siden
Slogo man has hidden your water and lava supply on the opposite way of your house where no one has bridged over yet
Sanju Shah
Sanju Shah - 15 dager siden
Jelly slogo stole the lava and water straight from the chest near the mob grander.
Sanju Shah
Sanju Shah - 15 dager siden
Jelly slogo stole the lava and water straight from the chest near the mob grander.
Sanju Shah
Sanju Shah - 15 dager siden
Jelly slogo stole the lava and water straight from the chest near the mob grander.
Sanju Shah
Sanju Shah - 15 dager siden
Jelly slogo stole the lava and water straight from the chest near the mob grander.
Carlos Plays gta
Carlos Plays gta - 15 dager siden
I was laughing nad crying when the sign said did you really think mr. floaty would forget about his water
Carlos Plays gta
Carlos Plays gta - 9 dager siden
The lava and water on an island that slogo/mr. floaty put
Music studios
Music studios - 9 dager siden
I know where the lava and water is
Kyler Ferolino
Kyler Ferolino - 12 dager siden
Jelly cole
Conor Doyle
Conor Doyle - 16 dager siden
He hideseek the lava straight in front of his house far far away in a straight line to jelly
EpicGamerBoy - 16 dager siden
why did you tell him if anyone tells him then slogo will be mad destroy jellies thing then there will be a war on the server then they will have to make a new server
Jovan_Aleksa_Milica Sekulic
Jovan_Aleksa_Milica Sekulic - 16 dager siden
Jelly, slogo Is Mr Floaty.
Jaden Aizen
Jaden Aizen - 15 dager siden
he knows
Joseph Punch
Joseph Punch - 16 dager siden
Jelly there is a secret Island where there is no pathway in front of the mob farm
Danielle Sawdy
Danielle Sawdy - 16 dager siden
LoL, slogo, he did it
celebimew - 16 dager siden
he built a secret island far far away with the liquid
celebimew - 16 dager siden
Jelly!! slogoman is who stole everyone's Liquid
celebimew - 16 dager siden
i already comment in another video
ezekiel chua
ezekiel chua - 16 dager siden
The water under Josh house is actually his water it's not yours 😂😂😂
Robert Feyler
Robert Feyler - 17 dager siden
It was josh, I saw his video
candia ross
candia ross - 17 dager siden
Jelly josh stole all the liquid they somewhere far from the mob grinder it starts from the chest near
the mob grinder going we far out he broke all the blocks he also took your buckets good luck try to finding your buckets to get the liquids he also took crainers btw
Jonathon Drumwright
Jonathon Drumwright - 17 dager siden
Jelly he is taking well slow go has taken all the liquids and also hidden it on an island in the opposite direction of his house way out on an island
Niranjan Gopinath
Niranjan Gopinath - 17 dager siden
4.8 views We found a giant jelly statue ln minecraft hidden
Edit king Best 8 year old
Edit king Best 8 year old - 17 dager siden
Btw the way crainer made your house yellow
Bernard Agyapong
Bernard Agyapong - 17 dager siden
Jelly all the water and lava is to the left of the mob grinder where josh hid it
Bernard Agyapong
Bernard Agyapong - 17 dager siden
Josh takes stuff from your chest
Arjun Naresh
Arjun Naresh - 17 dager siden
Happy New Year from the future!

BTW the YT Rewind is OP
Prabina Rai
Prabina Rai - 17 dager siden
slogo is mr floaty he stole and hid it far from xp fram plz trust me jellllyyyyy i love you jelly favrat youtuber i thing i write favrate spelling wrong sorry but you are best youtuber
Eric Grazioso
Eric Grazioso - 17 dager siden
Jelly, go in between yours and Crainer's houses at the Mob farm and build in the direction opposite of josh's house and you will find your Liquids! P.S. It will take a while!
Jacob Renny
Jacob Renny - 17 dager siden
Slogo hid the liquids on an island far far away...He is Mr Floaty.. Go straight from the mob farm chest..It is like about 5000 blocks away
Harwyn Grebs
Harwyn Grebs - 17 dager siden
Jelly do you remember your sky block survival world
Aiden Vazquez
Aiden Vazquez - 17 dager siden
They amount of people who agree with me that you should upload more skyblock.
Olivier Pépin
Olivier Pépin - 17 dager siden
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams - 17 dager siden
Jelly can you do a mod on buses
Chris steven
Chris steven - 17 dager siden
Jelly caclus take your shepe
kar lue
kar lue - 18 dager siden
Jelly your water and lava is in the top of the Community chest go on top of it and build strate untill you see a wooden Island
Killer - 18 dager siden
Jelly go to the mob chest then go straight about 200 to 300 blocks that is where josh is keeping the water and stone he broke the path to cover his tracks so have a lot of blocks
Darth Vader6
Darth Vader6 - 18 dager siden
Jelly is getting smarter about the signs and stuff
Melanie Repina
Melanie Repina - 18 dager siden
Jelly Play More turtle tun
Duriel Animates
Duriel Animates - 18 dager siden
He said hell omg
Keen Perusal
Keen Perusal - 18 dager siden
Hey jelly I know where Josh hid all of the water and lava.
He hid it in the middle of nowhere..
If you build in a straight line across here.
You will eventually get to the water and lava.
Btw I'm a slogo fan I just wanna make things more fun in your skyblock server.
Feroz Ahmed
Feroz Ahmed - 18 dager siden
Jelly the liquids are in a secrets island far away straight from the community chest you will find ur liquids there
Aiden Castillo
Aiden Castillo - 18 dager siden
CEDRIC HARRIS - 18 dager siden
hey jelly in your skyblock server mob farm chest from there build straightly and you will see the lava and water
Da Ny
Da Ny - 18 dager siden
Jelly The axe is more damage
Da Ny
Da Ny - 18 dager siden
Jelly The axe is more damage
FF ROSHEN - 18 dager siden
Jelly you mad sky blok go west of yuore home thear bre the iquds slogo hid them at a ilend plz
Red ReXXx
Red ReXXx - 18 dager siden
Mr floaty is slogo
Micky Gilson
Micky Gilson - 18 dager siden
I am your favourite fan
XgamingproX - 18 dager siden
Elnie Labrador
Elnie Labrador - 18 dager siden
Jelly i now where the liquids